Mézy-sur-Seine: at 83 and 86 years old, Jacqueline and Germain said “yes” to the nursing home

Jacqueline Cachet and Germain Dufour have been in love for five years.

There is not only suffering and abuse in nursing homes, there is also love. Jacqueline Cachet, 83, and Germain Dufour, 86, are there to remind us of that. On Monday, March 21, they said “yes” to Father Baudouin at the Les Jardins Médicis nursing home in Mézy-sur-Seine (Yvelines).

They both have four children (not including Jacqueline’s many adopted children), were married for over 40 years before becoming widows and widowers.

“My ex-wife always told me she would go before me,” Germain says. But I was surprised I did not expect it to happen so quickly. »

A rebirth

When they had lost the taste of life, they met for a veterans meeting held in Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque (Pyrénées-Orientales) in 2017.

“There was no love at first sight, but we found many things in common,” remembers Jacqueline. The idea of ​​living together quickly came to the table. A kind of rebirth.

My encounter with Germain represents the end of a dark moment in my life. My first husband died in 2003 of cancer. I took a long time to recover.

Jacqueline Cachet

Germain felt the same way.

Of course, I always think of my ex-wife. But I’m very attached to Jacqueline. Thanks to her, I found a family.

Germain Dufour

They got along so well that they settled down after a few weeks in the family home at Jacqueline, near Perpignan. They spent four good years there before the health problems caught up with them.

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If Germain is still autonomous – he still drives his car – Jacqueline needs care, and it is natural that her daughter, director of the nursing home Mézy-sur-Seine, offered her to join the company in September 2021.

A beautiful proof of love

Insanely in love, Germain did not want to let go of his beauty and agreed to join the establishment also in a room furnished for two people, where we also find Jiji, a 5-year-old chihuahua.

Jacqueline and Germain, a few days before their wedding.
Jacqueline and Germain, a few days before their wedding. (© Fabien Dézé)

There they spend the beautiful moments, sometimes walking along the Seine or going to the cinema.

We’ll get well out of it and it will continue, even if we can not say how long. Every day that passes is a won day.

Germain Dufour

“I am more and more happy,” Jacqueline continues. With him I feel safe, he has a heart of gold. »

In early March, the two eight-year-olds surprised their world by announcing the staff at the retirement home that they would get married. “We do not want to live like atheists,” argues the “young” groom. We do this to be in good standing with God. »

A surprising wedding

In a hurry to put the ring on the finger, the two lovers surprised their world. “We were not aware of it at all,” confides Marie-Françoise Douce, the director of the establishment, who is also the daughter of Jacqueline. They had arranged their coup with the pastor and wanted to get married on Friday, March 11. It was too soon for us “We convinced them to switch ten days. We wanted to score.”

A beautiful party was arranged at the retirement home.
A beautiful party was arranged at the retirement home.

Ten days is the time when the staff at the nursing home have to prepare a real ceremony with a meal worthy of the name.

“In record time, everyone did what was necessary in their area to get it all ready,” says the director. We wanted to make sure it remains a beautiful memory for them. »

A few days before the wedding date, Marie-Françoise Douce did not hide her feelings, as a girl of course, but also as the director of Ehpad.

A wedding in a retirement home is something extraordinary. Especially because the feelings are sincere. It is a message of hope and expectation. They are 83 and 86 years old, have each been married for a long time, have built up their lives, had children … They prove that there is no age to love each other, to have feelings. Admittedly, the body changes, but the spirit remains the same. There are only negative images attached to nursing homes: death, abuse … But they are also places to live!

Marie Francoise DouceThe manager of the nursing home Les Jardins de Médicis

Now husband and wife, Germain Dufour and Jacqueline Cachet strive for only one thing, to love each other as long as possible.

“We promised ourselves not to change anything, to get treatment if one of us is sick,” Jacqueline says. “Let the galley sail! We are not masters of our destiny,” Germain concludes.

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