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Why are you a partner in “La conso s’engage”?

The current health crisis has shown the relevance of our Snacking made right strategy, namely to offer the right product, at the right time and made in the right way. We are therefore convinced that it is important to observe and anticipate the development in consumer expectations and always to produce better.

That is why we are committed on a daily basis to improving our recipes, local production, agriculture

sustainability and reduction of packaging. This is a strong commitment from the group and also our responsibility as a major player in the food industry in France.

We are present in 9 out of 10 homes with iconic brands that lie in the hearts of the French (LU, Prince, Belvita, Heudebert, Belin, Milka, Côte d’Or, Hollywood, etc.) and we are proud to renew this partnership with LSA.

  • What is essential for you in a committed business?

For a company like ours, commitment at all levels, with consumers first, is reflected through

our brands rooted in popular culture and the imagination of the French. We act daily to ensure that they remain the preferred brands, whether through product innovations, but also through visible campaigns and partnerships linked to each of their ambition universes. For example, we are celebrating the 175th anniversary of the LU brand this year and we wished everyone could attend, especially with a partnership with Restos du Coeur.

For the benefit of everyone’s well-being and also for the planet. We launched organic references in 2017 with Côte d’Or Bio, Heudebert Bio and recently LU Bio and Prince Bio. We are obliged to supply ourselves with e.g. 1,200 French partner farmers for the production of sustainable and local wheat; or even all our buttered biscuits, which are made with French ingredients (wheat, butter, sugar).

We are partners in the Cocoa Life program, for which we have invested $ 400 million globally over the last 10 years to support more than 200,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

Without forgetting regular efforts to reduce our packaging and the environmental impact of our activity. A commitment to those who need it most: last year we donated more than 40 tonnes of biscuits, chocolates and confectionery to support hospital and healthcare staff, the Red Cross and food banks.

Finally with our partners. The health crisis has underlined the crucial role that players play in our market. Our French factories are still in operation and we have done everything to protect our teams. All of our employees at our industrial plant, in the field, working from home or in the offices, have shown incredible commitment. This enabled us to continue our innovation program, even in the most complicated moments of the crisis. This period put man and the collective at the center of the priorities.

As a key player in the industry, we have many ambitions and many commitments. For example, in our approach to transparency with consumers, we launched the first blockchain applied to a biscuit brand with Veritable Petit Beurre de LU. By putting a QR code on the packages, everyone has direct access to a digital platform that tracks the entire journey of sustainable wheat grown according to our Harmony Charter: the wheat fields, the farmers, the mills, the place and the date of manufacture.

Other illustrations of our commitments: We have developed an advertising campaign for Milka on the occasion of Easter, supported by the Association of the Blind in France, so that all children can experience a magical moment on this occasion; 100% of the products offered by Milka, Côte d’Or and Toblerone for the seasonal Easter were certified Cocoa Life, a program that invests in agricultural practices, the environment, communities, youth and living conditions and producers. We also aim to have 100% of our cocoa volume certified Cocoa Life for all our global chocolate brands by 2025.

These are just a few examples. We are convinced that the future of mass consumption is everyone’s business, on a daily basis and at all levels. And that we have a lot to learn from each other.


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