“My social class noticed me, I’m not part of seraglio”

Audience: You just finished the play Requiem pour une conne. What conclusions do you draw from this passage to the theater?

Afida Turner: Fantastic feelings, direct contact with the fans. I did not expect such a thing. When I was younger, I made Cours Florent to be seen by a big Hollywood producer (laughs.) But there it was magical. We sold out every day, with no promotion! Anyway, my life is a game …

Why did not get a campaign? Scares your name?

Turner is the biggest name in the world! But there is a lot of jealousy in France. If you are not a child of the ball, it displeases.

How do you respond to the attacks, including the attacks from TPMP People?

It was sexist, racist, petty-bourgeois, banal. Seeing a woman in latex is Laurent Fontaine’s fantasy, he did not know how to react. When he says it’s dirty, it’s racist: he would not have said that to a Norwegian blonde. What he did is unacceptable.

“With Ronnie, we’re a rock’n’roll couple!”

Would you like to see yourself live in France again to start a career in theater?

None. I’m at home in the United States. I like the anonymity and the healthier life. We drink less alcohol, we go out less, we are in the gym all day, and at 9 pm we are in bed. That’s ok for me. People imagine I spend my time drinking champagne, but I like to lock myself in my hotel room without seeing anyone. The perfect evening is a soup, a tea, a massage and Arte. I like learning about philosophy, the lives of animals, the lives of kings and queens … Otherwise, I do not turn on the television.

So you are not following the campaign?

No, I do not want to vote. I’ve completely stopped politics since cheating on Donald Trump’s election. It bothered me.

Are you still a fan of him?

I really like the person, the businessman. He had the balls to take all the criticism, jealousy and banana peels.

In 2017, you welcomed the election of Emmanuel Macron, a “young king”. Five years later, what do you think?

Difool from Skyrock called him for dinner, but he did not answer (laughs.) I’m waiting. Brigitte likes to make mushroom omelette for her husband: I can go, the more the more fun.

“When I was 15 I begged”

In 2020, your comments about Covid aroused controversy. Where are you ?

I’ve never caught it and I’m against the vaccine. Vaccinated women no longer have menstruation. Me, I’m 45, I’m going to have kids. I do not want to mess myself up.

In 2016, you had an abortion. Does it scare you?

I had a fibroid. But here everything is fine.

With Ronnie, you celebrated your fifteenth birthday. What is your secret to keeping?

We’re a rock’n’roll couple, we do what we want! He is the child of two rock stars. It includes my dresses, my fishing nets. He does not care how men look at me!

You’ve been through violent relationships before him. You should rejoice that women’s voices are being redeemed …

I had very, very, very violent relationships. So I’m happy about this move, but when you’ve been beaten or raped, it’s not something you say. Not for fear of reprisals, just out of modesty.

Your childhood was very painful, between host families, home … What consequences do you retain?

I am overwhelmed by the love of the public. But the fact that I did not have a father or a mother created a huge sensitivity in me. My social class also impressed me. I was not part of seraglio. I was the first Métis on TV! In 2002, I was the first girl to rap in a g-string.

Did you work very early?

Yes, teenager, I had several jobs at restaurants. I did the dishes, the housework, I washed the toilets … In fourth grade, I also begged with schoolmates. We were 15, we put on miniskirts and lipstick and came back with 300 bullets in one or two hours. Then we could go to McDo or Flunch. Grandma gave me a lot of money! They said, “This little one, she will go far!”

Are you afraid of getting poor again?

No way! I have savings. I’ve been working for twenty years! I fought too much, I do not slam everything. Once you have experienced hunger, you are alert.

Do you make product placements?

No, I’m not a teleshopping seller.

You explain being a man in a woman’s body. Meaning ?

I’m a real guy inside. Do you realize what I’m doing in this little body? I get up, I go to TV, I’m in a trap with assholes. We have the impression of being in Cleopatra’s time when we were cast before the lions: I must defend myself against all these patients.

Does it bother you to be told that you are being remade?

Who says that? People saw me at Loftet, 43 kilos. I was super good. Even more than in 2022! I gained 15 kilos, with age. Surgery, why not when I’m 65-66 years old and three or four children. When you are beautiful like me, you have the right to put things in their place. It’s like a Rolls-Royce: you can afford a service.

Is reality TV gone forever?

Me, I’m a star in reality.

Key dates

December 22, 1976

Hafidda Messaï was born in Auchel in Pas-de-Calais. When she was 2 years old, her father killed her mother. She must live in nursing homes and families.

2. 2002

She joins the second season of Loft Story under the name Lesly. She explains that she would like to make herself known in order to break through as a singer.

3. 2007

She marries Ike and Tina Turner’s son, Ronald (known as Ronnie). She explains their longevity with the freedom they allow themselves.

4. 2022

Return to Paris to play the play Requiem pour une conne. A resumption of contact with the theater, where she has other projects.

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Interview by Maëlle Brun

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