Slips in asylum centers, the golden eagle and the ibex, Mussolini makes waves in Lausanne –

Asylum centers slipping, a golden eagle and a ibex, Mussolini making waves in Lausanne, Afghan students in distress, control of political parties: it’s this week’s choice of RTSinfo.

THE SURVEY – Steps in asylum centers

The dysfunctions multiply in the federal asylum centers, whether it is security abuses or problems with access to care. Through exclusive testimonies and documents, RTS reveals how sick the privatized asylum system is of its millions.

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Some landslides in the federal asylum centers are recognized, but the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) continues to talk about isolated cases and rejects any systemic problem. With the report from TempsPresent “Asylum, an industry that is slipping”, we discover that the evil is deeper than what the federal authorities want to say in these large asylum centers run by private companies on a daily basis.

Applicants and staff have agreed to testify, most often on condition of the strictest anonymity due to the strong fear of retaliation. RTS was able to reconstruct several serious malfunctions.

Asylum, a moving industry / Present / 53 min. / February 17, 2022

I LENS – Talons and horns

A young ibex crosses the sky, gripped by a young golden eagle with sharp claws: this is the picture of the week. This surprising attack was immortalized under the cliffs of Grand Chavalard by an amateur photographer.

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“It only lasted four seconds. I drew and I took series pictures, but I was not aware at the time what happened,” Claude Romailler explains on Saturday at. 19.30.

The rest takes place outside the photographer’s field of vision. But the result of this flight, which was seen on the afternoon of January 15, was no doubt fatal to Capricorn. “He only lifts it with one paw. His strength is impressive,” the photographer notes.

In Valais, a ibex carried through the air by a golden eagle.  Decryption of a rare image. [RTS]

In Valais, a ibex carried through the air by a golden eagle. Decryption of a rare image. / 19:30 / 1 min. / February 12, 2022

QUESTION – Should Uni of Lausanne withdraw its title from Mussolini?

Mobilizations to posthumously withdraw the honorary doctorate awarded by the University of Lausanne in 1937 to the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini are increasing. The Rectorate acknowledges that the institution “failed”, but assesses that a withdrawal of the distinction would be complicated and is in favor of the debate.

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In 1937, the University of Lausanne (UNIL), which was celebrating its 400th anniversary at the time, decided to award Benito Mussolini an honorary doctorate “for conceiving and realizing in his home country a social organization which has enriched sociological science and which will leave behind a deep track in history “.

The debate over the withdrawal of this honor, which has been conferred on the Duke, this time reaches the great council of Vaud, where Together on the left will soon submit a proposal to that effect. The new rector of UNIL Frédéric Herman, who was interviewed on Tuesday night in the program Forum, acknowledges that this title “creates unrest” and is “regrettable”.

Mussolini, honorary doctor at the University of Lausanne, a scandal?  (video) [RTS]

Mussolini, honorary doctor at the University of Lausanne, a scandal? (video) / Forum / 5 min. / February 15, 2022

TESTIMONIALS – Situation of Afghan students

Stranded in Afghanistan since the Taliban seized power, two students are giving a strong testimony to the climate of fear in the country.

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“At the checkpoints, the Taliban check your phone, go on WhatsApp … and if they find anything related to the US, you’re done,” said Samira (assumed first name), 24, a student at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF), Kabul.

“I am one of the students who stayed in Kabul and who is waiting for an evacuation,” said Amir (assumed first name), 19, also a student at AUAF. “I feel exhausted, frustrated, and I’m scared too,” he says. About half of AUAF students have already been evacuated since August 2021.

SERIES – The party check

All this week, Pierre Nebel was interested at 7.30pm in the health of the parties in the middle of the Legislative Assembly. With his sharp eye, the journalist made a complete check of political formations: from examination to diagnosis. The illustrations are by Erika Bardakci.

Pierre Nebel, correspondent in Bern for RTS, takes stock of the Greens' party [RTS]

Pierre Nebel, correspondent in Bern for RTS, makes status of the Greens / 19:30 / 1 min. / February 15, 2022
Pierre Nebel, correspondent in Bern, takes stock of the results of public lending in the medium term [RTS]

Pierre Nebel, correspondent in Bern, takes stock of the results of public lending at midway / 19:30 / 1 min. / February 16, 2022

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The final episodes of the series, dedicated to the Center and Vert’libéraux, will be broadcast on Saturday and Sunday at 7.30pm.

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