The 10 worst ships in the DCEU

The DC Extended Universe has primarily focused on Batman, Superman, and the rest of the Justice League, though there have been a few excursions to the worlds of Shazam, Harley Quinn, and The Suicide Squads. Through that, there was not much room for romance, but there were plenty of relationships that failed on the toxic side.

While there have been some very good relationships in the DCEU, with Superman and Lois Lane as the best of the best, many other relationships have not gone so well on the big screen. Some of the conditions were as toxic as it can get, while others just failed and ultimately did not work.

Aquaman and Mera

Aquaman and Mera are much more compatible than other DCEU pairs, but that does not mean they do not form a mildly toxic partnership. Both started in Aquaman very unable to get well out of it. She hated his attitude and he hated her contempt for him.

At the end of the film, and a little later Justice League, the two got closer. Thanks to Aquaman’s mother, they eventually became connected, but there has always been something about these two in the movies that never matched their perfect union in the comics.

blood sports and rat traps 2

Although it’s not the worst relationship in suicide crew movies, the one between Bloodsport and Ratcatcher 2 is unforgettable at best. It was at best a big brother, or maybe a father / daughter relationship between Bloodsport and the young recluse Ratcatcher 2.

It was in The suicide group, where the two connected on a deep level and ended up helping the other to better understand their place in the world. However, it felt nailed and never felt natural. Ratcatcher 2 never needed anyone to prove its worth.

Batman and Wonder Woman

DC Comics has teased a relationship between Batman and Wonder Woman over the years. While Wonder Woman dating Superman was having a good time when it happened in The New 52, ​​it was just completely wrong to think of Batman and Wonder Woman together.

The DCEU also suggested this. Batman first sought out Wonder Woman when he was trying to create his Justice League. The two seemed to flirt at times, and luckily they never got further than that. Diana was a pure hero and Batman a dark vigilant. It would never have worked.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor 2

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor’s relationship wonder Woman was a great. The two fought together and looked like they could become a perfect couple. When Steve died, it was a tragic moment that gave Diana the heartache she needed to win in the end.

But when Steve returned to Wonder Woman 1984, it was wrong in many ways. It was touching to see them together again, but the problem was that they were not really together again. Steve took over another man’s body, and since he was romantically involved with Wonder Woman, it was never with the consent of the host body.

Roman Sion and Victor Zsasz

There have been several conditions in the DCEU films that have only been hinted at. One of them took place in Birds of Prey (and Harley Quinn’s Amazing Release). The relationship in question involved Roman Sionis, also known as Black Mask, and his right hand man Victor Zsasz.

Although never implicitly explained, it was clear from Victor’s actions around Roman that he saw his boss as more than just an employer. He was willing to do anything, no matter how awful, to make his boss happy. This was disturbing given Zsasz’s violence in the film.

Roman Sionis and Dinah Lance

Roman Sionis also had another very disturbing relationship in Birds of prey. This one involved his singer Dinah Lance. She worked for Roman and she did what he told her to do. Roman, however, was a toxic male figure, and as he showed in the film, he had no trouble humiliating women to make himself look better.

When Dinah chose side and left Roman, the mob boss did not take it well. He thought he owned the people around him, especially the women, and he felt that Dinah was his property. It was empowering to see her escape his grip and then participate in his downfall as the black canary.

Mera and Orm

Before Mera began her relationship with Aquaman, she was promised to marry Arthur’s brother, Orm. This was the road to Atlantis, and while Mera wanted nothing to do with it, Orm was becoming king and she felt she had no choice.

While a woman forced to marry a man is rude in today’s society, it was even worse in Aquaman. Worm was violent, he was obsessed and he was demanding. He wanted to marry Mera, almost like he wanted a trophy, and just as bad as Aquaman and Mera look in the movies, she felt worse about Orm.

Enchantress and Rick Flag

One of the most hated relationships in DCEU movies came first suicide crew movie. It was the love bond between Rick Flag and Enchantress. Flag worked for Amanda Waller, and while in the U.S. government, he was not a good person, even though he believed in what he was doing.

A road suicide crew tried to humanize Rick Flag was to give him the romantic relationship with Enchantress, which backfired when she was the film’s main villain. In the end, neither the relationship nor the film’s story succeeded, as both fell flat.

Batman and Superman

One of the worst relationships in the entire DCEU was between Batman and Superman, and it damaged the franchise in so many ways. They met because Batman wanted to kill Superman, because he was an alien he considered dangerous. These were not the Batman DC fans knew and loved.

When Superman returned from the dead, he nearly killed Batman. Again, this was not the Superman most comic book fans wanted to see. If Zack Snyder had continued to rule, Batman and Superman would have continued to fight, having always worked on the same side.

Joker and Harley Quinn

The worst case scenario in DCEU is the same as the worst case scenario in DC Comics. Joker and Harley Quinn remain popular characters, but together they were toxic from the start. Joker manipulated and tortured Harley Quinn psychologically and turned her into the loose cannon she became.

In the comics, Harley never made it big before she left the Joker. In the DCEU, Harley was still the best when she left Mr. J. Joker’s treatment of Harley Quinn was gruesome and wrong in movies, comics and TV shows, dehumanizing Harley and making the Joker as evil as possible.

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