The free dialogue between Pope Francis and insecure people around the world

About the summary of our Vox Mundi program this week: Pope Francis’ great dialogue with insecure people around the world. The book “From the poor to the pope From the pope to the world” carried by the French association Lazare will be published on April 1 in France. Meeting with the main characters.

Marine Henriot – Vatican City State

Vox Mundi – Dialogue between the Pope and insecure people

Asking these questions to the Pope and the poor all over the world, if anyone had told me that one day, I would not have believed it.»,«He is possibly the only poor person in the world who sleeps in a palace»,«It’s wild as simple as it is», Are these comments from insecure people who went to meet Pope Francis to ask him questions about the poor all over the world.

The project was born in May 2020, while Italy and France are limited. The French association Lazare, which establishes joint housing between homeless and young workers throughout France, was to meet the sovereign pope; an audience was questioned because of the sanitary measures, and then finally conducted at video conference with the Pope and Lazare roommates from all over France “We saw that he was happy to see people, take time with us and answer questions from our roommates.explains Loïc Luisetto, Lazare’s General Delegate, “This gave us the idea of ​​moving forward by collecting questions from poor people from all over the world and turning them into an interview book with the Pope.“. The sovereign pope immediately agreed,” said Pierre Durieux, general secretary of the association.

With several NGOs and associations such as Fidesco or Enfants du Mékong, small parishes around the world, but also a website in six languages ​​made for the occasion, the Lazare Association has collected questions from people in insecure situations, homeless or as have known “a hard timeon five continents. More than a thousand questions were collected, hundreds were presented to the Holy Father.

Led by Pierre Durieux and Loïc Luisetto, a delegation of insecure people from the Lazare Association then went to the Vatican to meet the Pope and acted as spokespersons for the poor all over the world.

just talk

What missions are you giving us, the poor? What can we do ?»,«Pope Francis, where does the Vatican’s money go?»… is among the selected questions. “There were many very simple, personal questions for the Pope“, Testifies the general delegate from Lazare. “At one point, the pope said “the pope also needs to convert”, a struggling person who was there, Diana, added “Yes, I think he has a lot to say about it”.“, Says Pierre Durieux with a smile,”The Pope liked that someone went in this direction and said “I love this woman, she speaks the truth”.

In all, the men led four delegations of street or former homeless people to speak to the pope. “The climate was free, we had to be honest“. At each visit, the group was accommodated for several days in the Sainte-Marthe house, François’ residence. They testify of a simple, authentic man, attentive to his guests. As to the question”is there a shortage of lay people, women and the poor in Sainte-Marthe?“François answers in the affirmative,”That would do us good, yes. ”

Questions Formerly Asked to the Holy Father “but not sure he read them“Comments the delegate from Lazare, and François never made contact: a buzzer had got him if he wanted to abstain”not only did he not use the buzzer, but he also told us that no questions bothered him ”.

An extraordinary adventure for the Lazare Association and its beneficiaries. The sovereign popehe saysWill remember Pierre Durieux.

The book From the poor to the pope From the pope to the world published by Editions du Seuil will be published in France on the 1steh April, royalties are donated to the associations that participated in this project.

From the poor to the pope From the pope to the world

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