The problems of Japanese couples adapted to dramas by Netflix

My husband will not fit and Life in the Round [NDLR: ce sont les titres sous lesquels vous trouverez ces dramas sur Netflix] are two dramas that originate from 2019 and 2022, respectively, and both are adapted from manga. They have their themes in common such as the issue of infidelity, that of parenthood, as well as the place of parents and in-laws in the couple (which is something very Asian). Back to these two dramas, which are ultimately a great flashback to life!

My husband will not fit: a sex problem … But not only.

My husband will not fit is taken from the manga of the same name that you find under the name It does not fit, my husband in France, published by Le Lézard Noir in five volumes. We find Yukiko GOTO in the drawings and KODAMA in the script.
In the drama we follow, the story of kumiko and Kenichi, two young people who fall in love during their studies and who we will follow into their adult lives. We’re going to see them confront a problem … a big one. Literally. Kenichi can not make love with his girlfriend because he can not penetrate her. Such a personal issue as sexuality in a couple will raise issues that have no place, and above all of people not having to deal with this story. Everyone will be involved in their love life, especially parents and in-laws.

3 themes, 1 single issue

We will revolve around three main themes:
– Does sex mean we love? How does sex affect marriage?
– Should we have children when we are in a couple?
– How does election differ from the norm that society perceives (society by the way Japanese)?

These are questions that the main characters will develop around, in a semi-closed environment. It must be said that apart from the two of them, there are very few grades … This is where parents and in-laws come in to make them more or less understand that they are not the only decision makers in their couple. They will even press the vice to ask the following questions: “What is the point of getting married if it is not to have children?” “.
It is obvious that the couple’s sexual problems will cause them to ask themselves the question of parenthood. Do they want children? Or will they give grandchildren to their parents?
Although one has the impression that sex retains an important place in the drama, it is ultimately the rest of the world’s point of view that will prevail in the main plot. The gaze of parents and in-laws, therefore the gaze of work colleagues, even the gaze of doctors in relation to their problem …
It is therefore ultimately the third theme that takes precedence over the other two.

Life in circles: taking the step to infidelity

life in circles is therefore also taken from a manga that has never been published in France: Kingyo Tsuma by Kurosawa R. If the original medium describes several sketches of different pairs, the Netflix adaptation will hold a pair in red thread as a base to make the other pairs gravitate around it. We therefore find 6 couples who develop in the same building and whose women have the impression of walking around in circles like a goldfish in its bowl. The animal also occupies an important place in the drama. The themes are found very close to those that can be found in My husband will not fit. Although this is mainly a matter of watching women take the step to infidelity – what’s more, almost all with the same man, the only man whose couple is in public operation – we also find there that the children (more slender) and also the view of others on a couple who is not his. It must be said that since the story takes place in a building, this drama provides the perfect opportunity to create a very (too) intimate atmosphere: a place where everyone is aware of everything.

Women, but also men

What is interesting in life in circles, is that there are also certain couples where the man also reviews the relationship he is in. We only follow married couples and although for the majority of women are victims of their relationship, some men also suffer from this “life in circles”. You do not know what to do to get your wife to regain her former joy and are caught between a job he no longer loves and a woman who no longer loves him … Another feels completely guilty about having left his family and comforting himself in the arms of one of the women in the building … But we can not tell you more without telling you about the fall of this scenario.

The main couple is special because it’s about him during the 8 episodes that the series lasts. it is Sakura (Ryoko SHINOHARA), which does not flourish in its relationship. Moreover, her husband Takuya (Masanobu ANDO) abuses her, both physically and mentally. Sakura then takes refuge in the arms of Haruto (Iwata TAKANORI), with whom she takes the step to infidelity. Except that this story is rumored throughout the building, which ultimately encourages Sakura to live with her lover, in her pet fishing shop … We will thus follow the story of this “triangle”, as well as the story of 5 other couples, for whom different things happen, but who will push them all towards similar paths.

Infidelity to save his marriage, parents to kill him?

As mentioned above, these two dramas are ultimately a flashback to the life one can live in the beginning of one’s adult life. My husband will not fit begins with a young student leaving his country to study in the city center. This is where she will meet the man who will follow her in her life, become her husband, and with whom she will discuss the future despite family pressure. life in circles is finally a bit “the spiritual continuation”. The pair has already been formed for a long time. Some characters already have children, others wonder if they should have any or when they will be ready to have them.

In Japan and in several Asian countries, there is an ancient culture. Deep respect is required of those who are older, and this age difference can prevail in many areas. It may be serving them alcohol and waiting for your turn when you are the youngest, like watching age precede experience in the professional environment. In the two dramas presented here, parents and in-laws have a role as executioners. life in circles involves the in-laws very little and yet the story is striking. It’s about a couple who are decorating their new house, who will welcome the Lord’s mother. All the choices the wife has made are reviewed and corrected by the mother-in-law, which the husband approves … I My husband will not fit, kumiko does not have a particularly close relationship with his parents. She confirms that too Kenichi his parents do not like him. The latter contradict their choices throughout their lives … Just as much in the former, pressure from parents leads to infidelity. Just as much in the other, the young couple does not hesitate to step up to meet the parents’ criticisms and protests.

The question of infidelity as an opportunity to save his marriage arises in both dramas, and the limit is exceeded. One to try to see if she’s normal, if the problem is her, and if she can enjoy the action. The others, of fatigue in their daily lives. Without having been able to read the manga, it is based solely on the dramas we make this analysis, but again it is My husband will not fit which brings the most subtlety in the treatment of sexual relations. I must say life in circles seems to use marriage more as a pretext for infidelity and therefore a pretext to gather sex scenes between the characters … Despite the seriousness of certain scenes and situations, we find an ending that is a little too easy for my liking. While it off My husband will not fit knew how to find the right tone to handle such a complicated subject.

Watching sex scenes on Netflix has become a bit of a trademark of the platform over time. It is interesting to see that in these two series there is sex present (a little too much for life in circles), but is not the purpose of the maneuver. Each of these dramas shows couples getting caught up in their relationship and unable to speak to solve their problem. Both men and women therefore choose to try to solve their problem on their own in the hope of finding a solution in infidelity … life in circles takes too many shortcuts to its conclusion where My husband will not fit strikes a balance with an open end. In short, two dramas that we recommend you!

They are both on Netflix, banned for at least 16 years because of scenes of violence and nudity.

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