What does the term “new world order” cover, and why does it arouse so many fantasies?

“New world order” : these three words, uttered on Monday, March 21 by Joe Biden in a speech, attracted the attention of several online conspiracy communities, which in them see the confirmation of a very old conspiracy theory. “This is where things change. A new world order is coming and we have to lead it.” declared the President of the United States in front of an audience of business leaders.

“We’ve been telling you for months, open your eyes to this organized gang that is taking us hostage! Add to that Biden, who openly declares that #new world order it’s now … But what more do you need to get up! »protests a user. “Biden informs us today that the ‘new world order’ is beginning! I thought it was a right-wing extremist conspiracy theory, right? In any case, we will have to fight against all these rotten people, they have been exposed and they are no longer hiding! », comments another.

This interpretation was taken up by Florian Philippot, president of the Patriots and former vice president of the National Front (which has since become the National Rally), now a supporter of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. “Things are at least clear! Let us fight for our freedoms and the sovereignty of the peoples”he urged, as if this “new world order” was a promise of slavery. But what is he really talking about?

What is the “New World Order” conspiracy theory?

Theories of “New World Order” (NOM, or NWO, from English new world order), recognizable by its evocative spelling, with the three words including a capital letter, speculates on the existence of an occult coalition that would hatch a plan to establish a new global form of government. It is often associated with a plan by the “globalists”, which would work for the dissolution of nations and the sovereignty of the peoples.

In its most ethereal version, NAME refers either to a totalitarian planetary government that would benefit a hidden elite (Freemasons, Illuminati or even, in its most extreme versions, aliens), or to this evil elite itself.

To reinforce the belief in a precise unity and a Machiavellian plan, conspiratorial literature opposes heroic resistance fighters and demonized allies. Thus, several conspiratorial publications tell it “Russia has freed itself from the clutches of the new world order” or associate it with other conspiracy theories, such as the one about “Great Reset”, and present Vladimir Putin as their main opponent.

What is this theory based on?

Rumors are based on three types of factual elements.

  • The existence of supranational institutions, such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, or the International Monetary Fund, accused of defending a US-centered, globalized vision that is hostile to the sovereignty of nations.
  • The existence of private discussion groups between international leaders, often not very transparent, such as the Davos Forum, the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderberg Group, whose opaque and undemocratic work may be the subject of legitimate criticism but also give rise to many fantasies.
  • The presence in speeches of certain heads of state of the term “new world order”, such as George HW Bush in 1990, Nicolas Sarkozy in 2009 or Joe Biden in 2022. Regardless of the context and content of the speech, it is seen as proof of the reality of a plan, which explains all international events.

What does the term “new world order” used by heads of state really refer to?

These words are generally pronounced in the context of economic crisis or war, events that lead to upheavals in the planet’s geopolitical balance.

In 1990, pax americana (“American peace”). The term imposes itself in international relations to denote the world after the Cold War. On September 11, 1990, before the Congress, to justify the intervention in Iraq, George Bush declared as follows:

“The crisis in the Persian Gulf, however serious, also provides a rare opportunity to move towards a period of historic cooperation. From these turbulent times, our fifth goal, a new world order, may emerge: a new era, free from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice and more secure in the pursuit of peace. An era in which the nations of the world, east and west, north and south, can be free and live in harmony. »

It has a meaning very close to pax americana: With the collapse of the Soviet bloc begins an era that should be marked by peace, international cooperation and the spread of the American model.

In 2009, post-Lehman Brothers. Almost nineteen years later, French President Nicolas Sarkozy declares:

“2009 could be the year of the birth of a new capitalism, of a new world order, a year of decisive progress towards peace. (…) We will join together against this new world order, and no one, I mean no one, will be able to oppose it. »

Both the context and the question are very different: the French president is speaking in the wake of the economic crisis of 2008, aiming at the failures of the banking regulatory system that did not prevent it. However, these promises of a new world order may be more political communication than reality.

In 2022, the east-west division returns. Sir. Biden’s latest statement comes in the context of Russia’s war in Ukraine. By drawing a parallel to 1946, the date of the Yalta Conference and the division of the world into two major rival blocs, Mr Biden calls for “unite the rest of the free world” behind the USA.

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