A Sunday of intense mobilization for the French presidential candidates

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, cultivating his hopes for the second round, Eric Zemmour calls himself “the only right-wing candidate”, Yannick Jadot, who offers himself a Zenith: the main presidential candidates were active on Sunday with the hope of mobilizing in meetings. Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has called on the French to take part in the first round, which is scheduled for two weeks.

RN candidate Marine Le Pen, who still got in the second round against him (17.5% according to a SopraSteria poll on Saturday), was hardened in Guadeloupe, where the recording of a TV interview was disrupted by protesters.

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Emmanuel Macron, who was always announced at the top of voting intentions (28.5% according to SopraSteria), said on France 3 “shocked” by this “totally unacceptable scene”, while Marine Le Pen spokesmen condemned the actions of “far left activists” who “josted quite violently” the candidate.

With this trip without a big meeting, Marine Le Pen has still been working on her refocusing, while the increasingly radical proposals from her far-right rival Eric Zemmour are helping to level her image.

On the eve of the official opening of the campaign, she also played the counter-programming, opposite the meeting with Eric Zemmour at the Trocadéro in Paris, where the candidate Reconquête! presented itself in front of thousands of people and dozens of French flags as the “only one on the right in this campaign”.

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Under a glorious sun, he described Valérie Pécresse as a “centrist, already ready to vote for Emmanuel Macron” in the second round of elections, and Marine Le Pen as a “socialist in economic affairs”, while the outgoing president, according to him, could not. “still not what edge he is” despite the exercise of power.

“How long before France becomes an African France […]that Islam will be the majority in our country? ”, had previously launched on the podium its support Marion Maréchal, niece of Marine Le Pen.

“Second low cost round”

On the left, LFI candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who was credited with 12 to 15% in the polls, fueling his hopes of crossing the course of the first round, also gathered thousands of people on the Prado beach in Marseille. He warned of a “low-cost second round” between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. “This time you’re like me, we do not know why, all of a sudden we said to ourselves, ‘We have to get there,’ from all sides,” he exclaimed.

At the Zenith in Paris, Yannick Jadot, who arrived by bicycle, attacked Emmanuel Macron, who according to him “has never stopped blowing on the embers of the division” and showing his “contempt” for the weakest. As for the far right, ”it is chaos, hatred and pain. We are joy, equality, freedom, brotherhood, “launched the ecologist, who intends to relaunch a campaign that is progressing (6% in the polls).

At a meeting in Toulouse, the communist Fabien Roussel condemned the “common program” of “Macron, Zemmour, Le Pen”, dictated, according to him, “by Medef”, and thought it was “time for cigars to change mouth”.

For candidate LR Valérie Pécresse (about 10% in the polls), ill with Covid-19, however, Sunday will not be the occasion for a video conference with activists in the late afternoon.

“Equality” or “inequality”

While the risk of a severe omission hovers in the first round of April 10, Emmanuel Macron reminded the French that “the election is the best way to make your choices”.

He will be back on the field on Monday, in Dijon, to silence critics accusing him of fleeing the debate, in a campaign that was stifled by the Covid crisis, which was then crushed by the war in Ukraine.

The conflict was again invited in the interviews and meetings on Sunday. A file that has forced all candidates to position themselves for a month, while international issues are traditionally far from the concerns of voters during a presidential election.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon dedicated his meeting on Sunday to “the fight for a ceasefire in Ukraine and the end of the Russian invasion”, Yannick Jadot “welcomed President Zelensky against war crimes”.

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Shortly before, Emmanuel Macron had warned France 3 against an “escalation of words and deeds in Ukraine”, following the remarks of US President Joe Biden, who called Vladimir Poutine a “butcher”, and Marine Le Pen again insisted on the consequences of war against the French purchasing power.

However, if the entry into force on Monday of the strict rules of the official campaign will put the 12 candidates on an equal footing in the media, they still protested under 3% of the voting intentions on Sunday.

“Equality is a smart word for inequality,” Nicolas Dupont Aignan (Debout la France) told France Inter, while Jean Lassalle (Résistons!) Called for “resistance to this violent system, which is a soft dictatorship”, and Nathalie Arthaud (LO)) condemned a broad “problem of pluralism” in society as a whole.

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