A Sunday with meetings in France, to force the polls

The candidates for the presidential election multiply on the ground or in the air on Sunday, and with exactly two weeks before the first round, some play big in these appointments.

On the eve of the opening of the official campaign, Jean-Luc Mélenchon in Marseille is cultivating his hopes of reaching the second round, while Eric Zemmour (Reconquest) and Yannick Jadot (EELV) will try more simply to relaunch their campaigns with successful meetings.

Emmanuel Macron is a candidate in the France 3 program “Sunday in Politics”, starring Marine Le Pen.

Hurry up. If the pollsters point out that nothing is completely decided in this election that does not resemble any of those that have gone before, the outgoing Emmanuel Macron and the candidate RN Marine Le Pen lead very clearly in the polls, despite cautious and relatively low. key campaigns.

From Monday, the strict rules of the official campaign, at least in the media, will put the twelve candidates on a strictly equal footing.

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Eric Zemmour is expected at Trocadero

The meeting, which could attract the largest number of supporters, is scheduled for the afternoon by Eric Zemmour, outdoors at the Trocadéro in Paris.

The far-right candidate’s campaign has, for the first time, chartered dozens of buses to transport activists from all over France and visually carry out a demonstration of power.

This meeting, which was conceived while the candidate was rising in the polls, finally took place in full backlash: Eric Zemmour, who has long threatened his direct rival Marine Le Pen, is now clearly surpassed by her.

The presidential majority is concerned about Marine Le Pen’s good results

Worse for him, Marine Le Pen seems to have taken advantage of this competition to refocus and smooth her image more and more as Eric Zemmour multiplied the radical proposals.

With an irony mixed with concern, three ministers from Emmanuel Macron – Sébastien Lecornu, Julien Denormandie and Bruno Le Maire – on Saturday in Eure condemned the “fantastic metamorphosis” of an RN candidate who “makes himself sympathetic” and according to them represents “a real risk “for their candidate.

Marine Le Pen is again playing counter-programming and refocusing this weekend, opposing the Trocadéro meeting a trip without a major meeting in Guadeloupe.

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Marine Le Pen deprived of interviews with activists in Guadeloupe

But protesters presented as nationalists disrupted a program Saturday night that the far-right candidate was recording in Guadeloupe.

The set in which Marine Le Pen was about to end the recording of a duplex program to be broadcast on Sunday on France 3, “was invaded by activists from several nationalist organizations in Guadeloupe», including the National Alliance Guadeloupe (ANG), reported the channel Guadeloupe La Première, which itself had to cancel a live interview scheduled for 7.30pm local time. “There were no real clashes or violence, but rather intimidation of Marine Le Pen»reported the chain’s journalist on the spot.

In the photos from the channel, we can see Marine Le Pen’s bodyguard taking her towards him while she lowers her head to protect herself. She was quickly evacuated from the set where Guadeloupe La Première was to interview her live.

The protesters, who shouted “out”, “racist” according to images from BFMTV, left the place on their own, the hotel management told AFP.

Marine Le Pen had arrived safely in Guadeloupe, where she came for the first time, while her father had never been able to go there on election campaign.

His program for Sunday is maintained. In particular, she will visit a market in Sainte-Anne and then meet firefighters in Sainte-Rose.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon at the Prado, on his way

While Eric Zemmour is now fighting for fourth place in voting intentions with LR candidate Valérie Pécresse, who, influenced by Covid-19, gathers activists at video conference on Sunday, both are overtaken by the candidate from La France insoumise Jean-Luc Melenchon. This one is holding in Marseille a meeting that would like to be huge, on the beach in the Prado, a week after that in Paris.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, whose third presidential campaign is 70 years old – “the most interesting”, he said on Saturday – dominates his competitors on the left and wants to impose the idea of ​​a useful vote by dangling the voters of Anne Hidalgo (PS), Yannick Jadot or Fabien Roussel (PCF) the prospect of their camp presence in the second round.

Yannick Jadot at Zenith, not at Zenith

At the Zénith de Paris, ecologist Yannick Jadot finally holds his first major meeting, where he hopes for 5,000 people.

His campaign has never really picked up speed, despite French concerns about the climate, but also the candidate’s activism since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, whether it be about condemning Russia’s presence of TotalEnergie or Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s anti-NATO stance. .

Emmanuel Macron on TV this Sunday, tomorrow in Dijon

Ukraine’s tragedy and the fear it poses for peace in Europe have also monopolized Emmanuel Macron in recent days, limiting the outgoing president’s ability to campaign.

The president is for once as a candidate guest on Sunday in the program Sunday in Politics on France 3, which also hosts Marine Le Pen in duplex from the Antilles. The RN candidate was briefly interrupted by protesters at the end of this interview recorded Saturday night (see above).

Emmanuel Macron finally returns to the constituency on Monday for a trip to Dijon on the themes of youth, vocational training and urban policy: three “markers” left wing policy for the seated if ” at the same time “ leaned to the right for a long time.

The socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo, who is referred to about 3% of the voting intentions, is in turn a guest at France Inter, Franceinfo and The world.

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