Dramas, Contempt, and Love: The Tumbling Relationship Between Alain Delon and His Son Anthony Finally Mitigated

Between father and son, it has always been “I love you, not me either”. In a book of confessions, Anthony Delon recounts these sometimes violent years and this path, paved with obstacles that led him on the path of resilience. A moving introspection.

I admit that I feel a little out of step. Because because of current events, the war in Ukraine, these people who are suffering, this misery that sends us back to the darkest moments in our history, it is true that my personal ambitions seem a little light and a little superfluous. But I have no choice, I have to do it because there is a schedule. Well, I wrote a book. Only. All alone. It’s important to say that because I’m proud of it. […] And the book is coming out today. »Saturday, March 12, Anthony Delon chose Instagram to unveil the intimate project, staff who have employed it for several months. His book. His testimony of this family that made him suffer so much but that he never stopped loving. Still and always. With this question, universal. How to overcome your fears, your wounds, your disappointments. How not to reproduce the pattern that a family has imposed where love would be the first victim of a curse that would be passed down from generation to generation.

through Between dog and wolf, Anthony Delon, 57, takes stock of a life in his own wordssupported in the ordeal and encouraged by his fiancée, the Italian actress Sveva Alviti, whom he pays tribute to. An introspection between drama and joy, omerta and negation, love and contempt. Between violence and suspended, unexpected moments. Between grief and resilience. And this sentence of his father, heavy of meaning, uttered as a shoemaker when he was still a child: ” You know, Tony, my life was shattered the day your mother left me. » His mother is Nathalie Delonmet his lover in a nightclub in 1962, the only one he married. But who ended up leaving him in 1968 due to having been deceived. Without claiming a portion of his fortune, he wants to clarify. A free spirit that he likes to remember. From there, ” by letting frustration and anger ensue and thus removing the ruthlessness of the youth, he left the field open to a slow depression that creepily began to make its bed “, He writes in his book.

© ZUMA / ABACAAlain Delon, Nathalie and Anthony in their 1964 Paris apartment

The ghosts of the past have overtaken him, Alain Delon, the abandoned child when he founded so much hope in this family he had dreamed of. Mireille Darc, with whom he lived a beautiful love story then (Anthony was then 5 or 6 years old) had identified him well. And never stopped protecting her “Tomino”, as she sometimes called him. A broker, when she was in Douchy in the morning, she was forced to send Anthony for a walk in the park because ” he did not like to see me when I woke up “. Days with, like when he made jokes for ” scare us at night “ or birthday parties, rue François Ieh, with a unique program: showing a film … by Alain Delon. ” No Walt Disney. […] Those who wanted to sleep were right, that was not my business. Me, I looked at my father as one looks at a god. » Days without, like this time, when Anthony sat for lunch, it had the misfortune to mis-synchronize his movements to eat : ” It is the fork that goes to the mouth and not the other way around, […] he grabbed my plate and threw it out of the wide open window accompanied by a: “Let yourself into your room ! “Drunk with rage, he joins him and whips him: As I lay in my bed, I quickly understood the rest and curled up to mitigate the blows that fell on me. » A wave of uncontrollable violence.

Anthony Delon and Mireille Darc at the opening of the exhibition
© Wyters Alban / ABACAAnthony Delon and Mireille Darc at the opening of the exhibition “An Afternoon in Saint-Germain-des-Près” in Paris

Why so much anger? From the age of 10, Anthony suffers from a father’s anger that from then on considers him a man.And more like a child. Dress it up as a robe. One day, when he was no more than 12 years old, he ordered him to walk around the 5-acre lake in the dark to prove to him that he had ” balls“. The child is running. Afraid. He loves this father who submits to him more than he destroys him. Or so he thinks. Also, there is Loulou, her guardian angel, her second mother nanny who takes care of him and opposes Alain Delon when he goes too far. As a 14-year-old, the young Anthony even asks to stay with this father, who scares him as much as he fascinates him. Quai Kennedy out towards the Seine. A brief thinning as he follows him on his shots in Boulogne or Los Angeles. Face-to-face. But the child gets bored quickly. very fast. And especially in his private high school, where he managed the farm to be fired in the first days of the new school year. Unstable child, king of trouble, not feeling well anywhere he analyzes in this book, where he does not escape any of his past nonsense until a car theft that will lead him to a month in jail. Childhood wounds are stubborn. As much as anger. Alain Delon? ” An impeccable father who comes to pick up his offspring when he leaves prison to make a good impression in the press and then throw him like a sack after his mother . » The years go by, the misunderstandings, the arguments, the problems with the ego, an unhealthy jealousy of sharing the name Delon multiplies.It also unsaid, as the day he was told on the radio about the birth of his sister Anouchka, on November 25, 1990.

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For years, this phrase will resound in my head accompanied by a thousand questions, the most painful being of course: does he love me? »Safe. In his way. And then Anthony himself became a father. Also fighting him against this wave of violence and anger that took possession of him. Especially with his eldest daughter Loup, whose relationship at first was complicated. But Anthony resists’ cthis pleasant rage that would free him from an overflow “ . ” My daughters made me a better man. » Nathalie, his mother, was never really far , the shoulder. The support. Encourage him. Covers her little as she can. ” A lioness in the body of a sparrowwho fought cancer with courage and determination. Until the final prognosis, which left him with only a month to live. These thirty-seven days where Anthony will not leave her.Day and night. Film her at her request so her granddaughter knows who their “Mamouch” was. And this plea addressed to Alain: Love your son as I love him, forget your differences. » The road to resilience. Strive for the best. In this case, Alain will not fail in his duty. Present by his side. Until you wanted to occupy an apartment which became vacant in the neighboring building. ” Can you imagine if he settles down here, he will be with me every day, I do not want more life, it will be hell.she said then with humor to her son. Alain and Nathalie like dog and cat. But a couple who love each other attract each other. She sees him so fragile, she who watched over him during his stroke in 2019. A terrible shock to Nathalie, who according to Anthony could have triggered his pancreatic cancer. Between father and son, the relationship calms down. He will even ask him to personally ensure that he does not continue the treatments if he is one day ” in a coma connected to living “.

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Nathalie’s departure brought them a little closer. He shows ” with unusual tenderness calls him three times a day and calls him “my little one” . Alain, the irreconcilable, even offered to take care of his business, but Anthony no longer wants it. His leather brand, Anthony Delon 1985, takes its time; And then his little sister Anouchka is doing very well. ” She also wants to be his executor, a position I declined ten years ago. . He is the eldest, oh as responsible as he had the opportunity to, unfortunately, to demonstrate, but now, Anthony seeks serenity. And develops his own projects like this book, whose rights have already been acquired for a series produced by his friend Dominique Besnehard.By taking advantage of the worst, you sometimes get the best “he concludes, philosopher.” I think I have shown resilience, especially thanks to beings who have shown me the way at different times in my life. […] As my mother used to say, life is the intelligence of the heart. […] You need to know at this exact time to put your arms down and reach out your hand […] I have loved and love all members of this family, at least the only survivor to this day.A magnificent declaration of love from a son to his father. Between the lines. In the great “Delonian” tradition.


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