Fadillah Futtinga, 31, killed by her husband Jiten, 29: “Mo tifi inn viv enn martir avek her man”, shouts Nazmoon

Nazmoon Singh, 59, is a broken mother. Fadillah, her only daughter of 31 years, was brutally torn from her. This young mother of three boys aged five, six and 14 died at the hands of her husband Jiten Futtinga, 29.

With the help of his friend Roopsingh Heeralall, 31, he strangled his wife on a cane field in Camp Poorun, Poste-de-Flacq, before leaving her there. This was after a fierce quarrel on Sunday, March 20th. The macabre find was made on Tuesday evening, March 22nd.

Staring, eyes filled with tears. Nazmoon Singh, 59, has lost his strength. She is aware that she will no longer see her daughter Fadillah, 31, also known as Preety. “Nou ti pe viv kouma de kamarad”, sighs this mother, who is separated from her husband. “My daughter was also unlucky in love,” she says with a heavy heart.

Preety did not continue her studies, she continues. “As a 16-year-old, she fell in love and moved in with a young man. The couple married religiously and had a son, ”the mother explains. However, their adventure did not last. Fadilla suffered the anger of her first husband. “Mo tifi ti al res laba, me li pa ti alez. So misie ti pe bat li,” she continues. The couple came to Nazmoon. “I intervened when he hit my daughter in front of me. So her husband got mad too. me, “remembers the fifty-year-old, adding that the young couple ended up breaking up.” Misie-la par li mem finn deside pou kit mo tifi. “

Nazmoon, Fadillah’s mother, is devastated by her daughter’s death. “

It’s about six years since Fadillah met Jiten Futtinga, 29, a resident of Providence. The young woman thought this new encounter would change her life. The couple decided to reunite. “Mo tifi inn kontan li. Zot and marye civil. Zot inn gagn de garson ansam, ”she says. “My daughter, her husband and their two children lived with me in Camp Poorun, Poste-de-Flacq. »
This mother says that “I had lived in Curepipe for a long time and rented a house in Poste-de-Flacq. Subsequently, I was able to buy a small piece of land, and I had a house built there, which has not yet been completed. But the situation in the house was unbearable. So mari Jiten ten drugs, ”she says. “My son-in-law stole from me. He took everything he could:

gas tank, money among other things, ”says the fifty-year-old. “Once I took the precaution of putting my money in a pillow. I thought he would not realize it. But he ended up stealing the pillow and the money. I went to the police to lodge a complaint,” she recalls.
“And when my daughter or I try to reason with him, he would attack us. Once I was beaten with a full helmet,” she says. Nazmoon could not stand the violence that had become almost daily.

“So I left and left the house to them. I thought they would be better off without me.”

But that was far from the case. ‘He got my daughter into drugs. How many times have I asked her to leave her husband, but she thought things would get better, ”says Nazmoon. “Mo tifi inn spent in our martyr avek li. »

Nazmoon says it is two years since Jiten was sentenced to two years in prison. “Kan tinn met li dan prizon, mo tifi tinn dir li ki li nepli anvi kontinie avek li,” explains his mother. Sometimes Fadillah thought her husband’s imprisonment would be an opportunity for him to change his life. Nazmoon says, “I did not see my daughter that often. We often talked on the phone. Fadillah was better. She took care of her children. I did not want to interfere in his personal life.”

She remembers the last conversation she had with her daughter. “Monn telefon li, li dir mwa li pe kwi lalo. Mo demanded li kott tons won lalo, parski lalo well be there. Li dir mwa linn wins, ”Nazmoon recalled. This mother far from thought it was the last time she would hear from her daughter. By the way, after serving her two years in prison, her husband reappeared in Fadillah’s life. And only two weeks have passed. “Can then mission find released in prison, linn alle res kot so papa after linn revinn kot mo tifi”, explains his mother. But Jiten could not stand that his wife Fadillah changed her life.

Last Sunday, Nazmoon received a phone call telling her that her daughter was missing from the house. “Monn gagn korl telefon, zot finn dir mwa pa pe found mo tifi. Bann family inn fer demars pou al rod li. Mo pe telefon so misie, phone la pe res sone. Mo apel mo tifi, so tel ti teign, ”says Nazmoon. “So mission inn mem rod so kart idantite pou amen lapolis”, says a relative. On Tuesday, during the search to find Fadillah, the relatives managed to find her in the middle of a cane field.

Nazmon, victim’s mother, sobs. She is in all her states. She is convinced that “can Jiten finn vinn retourn kot mo tifi, li ti deza ena sa dan so lespri”.

The young woman and her husband.

The lifestyle of the victim at the heart of the drama, according to her husband

Flacq’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) arrested Jiten Futtunga, 29, and his accomplice Roopsingh Heeralall, 31. Both admitted their involvement in the murder. The man explained to investigators that he did not appreciate his wife seeing other men. Last Sunday, March 20, a heated argument broke out between them. And things went awry. Together with his accomplice, they dragged the victim to the local cane field before taking action. The suspected killer explained that he pushed his wife. When she was on the ground, he strangled her. Meanwhile, his accomplice kept his wife’s feet, Jiten explains. The two young men appeared in court in Flacq on Wednesday, March 23, on a preliminary charge of murder.

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