French presidential election – Zemmour accused of letting crowd sing “Macron killer”


During the meeting with the far-right candidate on Sunday in Paris, hostile remarks were made to the French president in the assembly. “He did not listen and condemns,” confirms the entourage of Eric Zemmour.

The controversial slogan was sung on the Trocadero esplanade a dozen times on Sunday during Eric Zemmour’s meeting.


Eric Zemmour, accused by part of the political class of having let the crowd sing “Macron killer” during his meeting on Sunday in Paris, finally “condemned” these remarks directed at the head of state, according to his entourage.

“Dangerous for the Republic”

The slogan was sung on the Trocadero esplanade a dozen times after Reconquest Candidates! said: “Some are outraged at my firmness. What makes me indignant are not the words and the concepts, it’s the daily dramas you go through. What makes me indignant is that we will never give peace to Evelyne Reybert “mother of Julien, massacred” in Romans-sur-Isère. What makes me indignant is that we will never comfort the children of Sarah Halimi or Mireille Knoll. We will never do justice to all those whom the state has failed to protect ”.

Eric Zemmour then paused in his speech while shouting, without intervening. “He did not hear it” and “he condemns what the crowd said at the time.” ‘He does not take up the term on his own. He never used such an expression and never hinted at it in his speech, “said his entourage, several times about this episode.

“E. Zemmour has a crowd shouting ‘Macron killer’. I am fighting hard against the outgoing president, but letting an opponent be treated as a killer is dangerous for the republic,” Valérie Pécresse had previously lamented. in a tweet. “It is certainly not the right thing to do! It is not my France!”, Added candidate LR, while Eric Zemmour during his meeting presented himself as “the only right-wing candidate”.

“It is a shame for democracy and the republic to hear such remarks,” added the president of the deputies LR Damien Abad about the slogan. “When you want to be President of the Republicwe must first have it respected by our own activists! ” added the president of the Paca region, Renaud Muselier, who left LR.

Video: A man crushes an egg on Eric Zemmour’s head

“Violence by speech”

From Guadeloupe, where she is campaigning, Marine Le Pen felt that there was “a kind of profit that responds to a kind of profit”. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s unfortunate. We have enough things to blame Emmanuel Macron for not falling into this kind of profit, ”she said. She also rated “unreasonable” on the part of her right-wing extremist rival “to continue to divide the patriots”, and criticized a “leak forward by Eric Zemmour who loses sight of the public interest, the higher interest from the country”.

In the presidential majority, the chairman of the LREM group in the National Assembly, Christophe Castaner, described as “irresponsible” the attitude of the candidate who “let it go”. The former minister believed he had even “demonstrated his presidential obstacle this afternoon”. Nor is it “the Republican right; the Republican right would never do that. On the other hand, the far right, yes, for a long time,” he added.

Former Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who called on Emmanuel Macron to vote, expressed concern about “the level of voting intentions of the far right”, considering “that at Trocadéro a new degree” in “the violence of the speakers has been crossed.

On the left, LFI candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who was credited with 12 to 15% in the polls, fueling his hopes of crossing the course of the first round, also gathered thousands of people on the Prado beach in Marseille. He warned of a “low-cost second round” between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. “This time you feel like me, we do not know why, all of a sudden we said to ourselves + We get there +, from all sides,” he exclaimed.

At the Zenith in Paris, Yannick Jadot, who arrived by bicycle, attacked Emmanuel Macron, who according to him “has never stopped blowing on the embers of the division” and showing his “contempt” for the weakest. As for the extreme right wing, “it’s chaos, hatred and pain”, when “we are joy, equality, freedom, brotherhood”, launched the ecologist, who intends to relaunch a campaign that patins (6% in the polls).

At a meeting in Toulouse, the communist Fabien Roussel condemned the “joint program” of “Macron, Zemmour, Le Pen”, dictated by him “by Medef”: it is “time for cigars to change mouths”, he summed up in a formula.


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