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Author Ines de la Fressange, former model, fashion designer, perfume designer and businesswoman who wrote her book with the help of two friends, wanted to highlight the importance of friendship and the influence others had on his own happiness.

Taking care of herself is good, but Ines de la Fressange realized during her imprisonment how much she missed her friends and that it can be very difficult to be happy alone.

“Friendship makes us happier and even has a positive effect on our health,” she says.

Like a romantic relationship, friendship requires effort, but it would be worth it as our relationship with others, according to some studies, if they are positive, increases our life expectancy by 50%. Friendship would also protect against stress and depression. After all, in a way, our friends are the family we choose.

In their book, the authors give a wealth of advice on how to maintain good friendships, while reminding us that if you want a friendship to work, you have to spend a lot of time on it. It is also necessary to know how to distinguish true friends from others. It is usually those who remain despite difficulties such as divorce, job loss, illness, etc.

The authors also give advice on the joys of being with others, especially on attitude. Stay positive, have self-confidence and respect for yourself and others and do not hesitate to be honest, even if the truth is sometimes not always good to say.

Fun at work

In addition to friendship, we talk about the importance of being well surrounded at different levels, especially at work. Having fun with colleagues will increase the pleasure of working.

In addition, we emphasize the importance of loving your work, as you spend a lot of time there most of the time. Choosing a job that you would agree to perform without being paid is without a doubt the best choice.

In addition, we quote on this topic a speech by Steve Jobs to students at Stanford University, who insist on the importance of doing a job that we love and that in our eyes is wonderful. Keeping in mind that life sometimes hits us hard, it’s love or even passion for your job that will keep you going.

So you should look for this exciting job as long as it takes. Since time is precious, it is important not to miss it by being content with something else. For this, it is necessary to have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition.

Live without stress

Happiness is other people

All the reasons are good for being stressed and going against depression. Just listen to the bad news or take every little setback or disappointment and turn it into disaster or existential drama.

Although it is impossible to live without worries, it is imperative to learn to deal with the stress and anxiety they cause. That’s the view of David Gourion, a psychiatrist and doctor of neuroscience. The author suggests performing a daily self-evaluation of our stress level and finding the cause. By learning to find out what causes anxiety, we would be able to better identify the problems and thus allow ourselves to find ways to solve them. Among his many tips, he suggests that you think about other things during the day, have fun, and make an appointment at a specific time to focus on possible solutions to your problems. A few minutes a day can often be enough to find solutions to what is causing our stress, rather than thinking about it all the time.

Overcome migraines

Happiness is other people

Did you know that one in ten people in the world suffers from migraines? Author and neurologist Carole Séréni dissects this disease, which affects more than a billion individuals. From the beginning, she notes that migraines are more frequent and more painful in depressed or depressed individuals.

The neurologist addresses three types of tension headaches that are so disabling that they are no longer able to function normally. It also dissects the risks associated with taking medication.

Among the reasons, she mentions food and suggests that migraine sufferers keep a food diary so they can see if certain foods may be linked to migraines. In addition to food, fatigue and hormonal cycles can also be to blame. As for wine, it can also trigger migraines. Although there are alternative methods, we think especially of acupuncture, it is still necessary to consult a specialist and conduct medical examinations.

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