Karine Le Marchand on tour with Estelle Denis single, lets the host go …

Karine Le Marchand is known for being one of the M6’s leading hosts. She is especially at the presentation of France has an incredible talent. But above all, she is the one who animates Love is in the meadow, a cult TV show. This program will soon start its new season. At the moment, it is the portraits of the candidates that parade, and it therefore gives time for the suitors and suitors to prepare their favorite letters. It’s since season 5, in 2010, that Karine Le Marchand animates Love is in the meadow. She therefore has all the qualities to advise Estelle Denis, who has recently been single. Raymond Domenech’s ex-girlfriend really needs to adapt to the honest advice from the M6 ​​host’s collar! Object gives you some comments that will hardly go unnoticed.

Karine Le Marchand and Estelle Denis: single friends

The public is not unaware that Karine Le Marchand is a heart to take, but that she also knows how to protect her privacy. Therefore, it is difficult to know if the host for Love is in the meadow currently has a boyfriend. What is certain is that it is his daughter and his job that have the first places in his life. Then come his friends, which ultimately leaves no room for true love. As for Estelle Denis, she remained in a relationship with her children’s father for many years. Readers ofObject probably remember that in 2006 Raymond Domenech had proposed to the journalist live on television. But if she had said “yes”, the couple would never have gotten married in the end. As specified by our colleagues in the magazine columns Publicit was close Paris Match than Karin’s friend. The merchant made things clear on this subject.

In the end, Victoire and Merlin’s mother did not want to get married and found it more comfortable to settle down. “Parents of two children, we have lived together for fourteen years. We are PACS, why change things? Marriage scares me. And one thing is for sure: organizing this ceremony would worry me a lot. I would be afraid to forget someone in the table plan. », she said then. But Karine Le Marchand and fans of Estelle Denis therefore know that the issue of marriage is no longer on the table. Since the journalist has been single for several months now. In addition, she shared the photos of a stunning bouquet of flowers, which she received the day after Valentine’s Day, in history on Instagram. Which made it possible for internet users to imagine it as a couple …

But this rumor did not hold as it is now crazy evenings with girlfriends coming in the news for Raymond Domenech’s ex! Evenings that especially take place in the company of Karine Le Marchand therefore.

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Remarks that appeal to the public like never before

Last January was the host Love is in the meadow thus told very directly to Estelle Denis that she should make an effort to get back on the “market” of singles. “You can not be like this, you have to put on make-up. I make you aware that we do not catch flies with vinegar. », said Karine Le Marchand to her friend. But the bomb she recently dropped is a piece of advice of a completely different caliber. Evidence of the facilitator’s spontaneity and humor.

The two girlfriends therefore met again on Friday, March 18, 2022, according to our colleagues from the magazine Public. These are so tips for social networking that Karine Le Marchand showered Estelle Denis. “We must not strip too much, you see, it’s the poor girl who has the record. », she threw after him. The readers ofObject will then understand that these words are currently circulating on the net!

In addition, Estelle Denis apparently followed her friend’s advice. Karine Le Marchand encouraged her to take a break and now she is becoming a master of this art on her Instagram account. “Pose. To take a break. The 2!”, Raymond Domenech’s former companion wrote in the caption to one of his pictures. And Object invites you to admire this image, but also to read some comments that appear below the post. In fact, internet users agree Estelle Denis is amazing!

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