this farmer who had committed suicide for a tragic reason

This dark chapter of Love is in the meadow undergoing a major recovery. And with good reason, we finally know why he committed suicide!

Black day for love is on the meadow!

During the fifth season of Love is in the meadow, Jean-Pierre stands out from all the other candidates. Yes, when he talks about his job, we feel that the passion for the animal cause makes you vibrate. Unable to do without his cows and even less his grain farm, he looked for his soulmate. As always, Karine Le Marchand and her friend Cupidon work hard to present her to candidates who match her luminous aura. Despite Nadèges and Christelle’s arrival at the farm, the results are not brilliant. Less than six years later, the announcement of his suicide wreaks havoc among fans of the M6 ​​show. What happened to make such a decision? Object make the point. Hold up then dear reader, we are heading into a turbulence zone!

The heartbreaking testimony from the sister of the Love Candidate is in the meadow

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Jean-Pierre de Love is in the meadow thought of all the details. Before leaving for the stars, he grabs his brother’s weapon. As a hunter by profession, the latter saw nothing coming. Could he have prevented it? Inside an open letter to Stéphane Le Foll, Marie sounds the alarm about farmers’ working conditions. Did the Minister at that time forward the complaints to his successor? Nothing is less certain!

Two months after the tragedy, the candidate’s sister Love is in the meadow paralyzes readers Star TV. In the columns of the weekly magazine, she details all the details in detail. ” Tuesday night, the day before his death, I had been with him on the phone for a long time. We discussed the future, his projects … There was no indication of what happened. (…) Around noon, he shot himself in the heart. » At the end of the day, the brother who worked with him goes home to Jean-Pierre. Surprised to have no news, he finds him lying in a pool of blood. Elevated in horror, he leaves a heartbreaking farewell letter. In the form of a note of almost ten words, we perceive the extent of his discomfort. ” Today the despair is greater than the hope … the cows killed me.‘”

The double penalty

If you do not follow the news about the world of dairy specialists, you should know that the latter has known many twists and turns. Moreover, with fifty cows more, Jean-Pierre de Love is in the meadow could no longer cope with the infernal pace. In addition, from “2015 caused the abolition of quotas prices to fall. » As evidence, Marie clarifies that when “the price dropped to 25 cents per liter, it no longer covered the cost of production“. This burnout he tried to solve by taking medication. Alas, anxiety attacks follow each other at the speed of light. Ten days before the end of 2015, he commits this frightening gesture.

In the columns of Telegram, Marie would like to tell us about this detail. So far ignored by fans of Love is in the meadow, it only emphasizes Jean-Pierre’s distress. »My brother even had another project. In particular, he wanted to switch to organic poultry farming. He had talked to his bank about what she had not followed up … It was the coup d’etat. »

And now ?

Screenshot (c) Love is on the meadow (c) M6

After this revelation of size, it will be the last interview with the bereaved sister forever. No one knows if André managed to cope with the whims of this job like no one else alone. Since the seventeenth season has just started, let’s think about him. There is no doubt that this deeply kind and benevolent man would have been happy to see new faces as well as Breton colleagues! Continued in the next issue ofObject and see you soon for more happy adventures!

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