“When I was little, I was obviously in love with Emmanuel Moire!” … Clémence Lassala’s (Charlie) Confessions

Love it or hate it, charlie let no one care tomorrow belongs to us. The young woman, who is currently in BTS at Agnès Varda High School in Sète, is interpreted on screen by the very likeable Clémence Lassalas. And a few weeks ago, the character of the latter shocked the many fans of the soap opera on the front page by performing alongside… François, aka his French teacher. Yes Charlie and François (Emmanuel Moire) are in a relationship. But why ? How? “Or what? Without giving us more details, production of tomorrow belongs to us surprised everyone. Entertainment TV was able to talk for a few minutes with the actress to find out more about this mysterious couple … who still have many surprises waiting for you.

“I do not think anyone expected it”

Télé-Loisirs: Are you proud to have us all speechless with the revelation of the couple Charlie – François?

Clemence Lassalas: straightforward. I do not think anyone expected that. And to be honest, so are we. [elle rit] We had heard that there could be a possibility for a Charlie – François couple to form, but … the fact that this scene happened a bit like that without too much explanation about this unexpected couple was: “Jouh!”. Even we read, Emmanuel and I, we were there: “But what ?”. We were very surprised and I hope the surprise effect worked on the viewers.

What was your reaction when you found out that Charlie was going to have a relationship with François? You discussed it with Emmanuel Moire, I imagine …

Yes quite. It’s not because we were afraid to play it, but it’s true we did not really know how to approach it. We did not expect it, because it fell suddenly. And then we had not played so much together yet. But in reality, we get so well out of it, we discussed so much that participation was created naturally. There’s a great atmosphere between the two of us on the set, which I think will be reflected on the screen in the next few episodes to come… you’ll see. [elle rit]

“Charlie will be more grown up and more feminine with this relationship!”

That a student falls under the enchantment of his teacher is something common in fiction … Was it easy for you to play?

I admit that I was afraid of falling into clichés at first. I was wondering if I was really comfortable with the idea of ​​playing this plot. How was I ever supposed to defend it. Since my character is still very immature, I was afraid that this relationship would not be assumed, a little ambiguous and unpleasant. On the contrary. The good thing is that my character will grow thanks to this relationship. Charlie is getting more grown up and more woman. I totally assume playing it. Charlie is of age, but she’s still a bit of a pest and still a bit of a child, we are not going to lie to each other. With this story, she will really evolve and me as an actress, that’s all I’re asking for. To develop my character.

You’re young, but did you know Emmanuel Moire’s career before you gave him the answer?

Of course! What’s crazy, and Emmanuel knows it, is that when I was little, I was obviously in love with him. The anecdote is pretty funny … My mom is a photographer and she worked on the musical The Sun King. Saw me when I was a kid, my mom took me to see the show several times in a row. I have pictures with Emmanuel when I was just a little girl. I had to find them somewhere else. I went to see them all countless times on stage, and that was where I was already “in love” with Emmanuel Moire. I also definitely think it was musicals that made me want to do this job. I did a sports studio for dance and musical during my schooling. The same as most comedians in Solkonge followed during their studies. I had a good delirium. When I was told: “You’re Gonna Be in a Relationship with Emmanuel Moire in the Series”I said to myself: “Oh yes ok the circle is complete. The little girl’s dream comes true”. I think I had projected myself so much that here it finally happened! [elle rit]

“The interesting thing is the part of secrets in the couple François and Charlie”

So at the moment, viewers have only been teased by this surprising couple … I imagine a sheet on the latter will arrive soon? How will this couple develop?

Rather, it’s how this couple will evolve and how Charlie and François will assume it, I would say. What’s interesting in there, of course, is also the share of secrets surrounding this relationship. But in the long run, couples who love each other in secret have a hard time holding on … But I say no more!

We also hope to see you again in spicy little scenes with Emma Smet !

At the moment it is not on the schedule. But I imagine the quarrel between Charlie and Sofia will start again soon!

Ariane Seguillon published a book called La Grosse, in which she looks back on her fight against bulimia … Have you followed the development of his project?

Oh yes ! I can tell you she worked hard. She has a lot of credit because she has put a lot of time and passion into doing this so I am very happy for her. Then it can be seen that the authorship has helped him flourish. We pretty much all followed the process of this project, and I can tell you that between the recordings and her book, she did not stop working.

“A future plot will turn Charlie’s past upside down”

What are your next intrigues with Morenos?

Soon yes … We’re still filming at the moment. A big plot with the series’ young people is on the way. Finally, even better the old youngsters I would say, those who have been there since the beginning of the series. This intrigue will revive the past and it will upset Charlie … But the moraines will be there to help her.

Will we see Charlie’s brother, Luke, in the series, played by Martin Daquin ?

I can not tell you right now. In the texts, at least, it is not present at the moment. His character has always gone with his beloved Laura, and at the moment they are not yet on their way back.

What are your next projects?

At the moment, I have to admit that I shoot intensely, so I do not have time to project myself on anything else. And honestly, it suits me very well!

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