woman accused of murdering violent man under mysterious circumstances

Laurence D. claims to have strangled her husband in 2015, but scientific results do not confirm his claims.

She claims to have strangled him to defend herself after 26 years of domestic violence. A 50-year-old woman appears on Wednesday, September 29, in the Assizes of Pas-de-Calais for the murder of her husband in difficult circumstances, as the investigation has not been able to clearly determine the causes of death.

On April 3, 2015, the body of Reynald S., 49, was discovered lying on his bed in the apartment he shared with his wife. Dead in fourteen days, he is in a state of decay. His wife Laurence S., 47 at the time of the events, has remained closed at home since the tragedy.

She quickly explains to investigators that during a violent altercation, she strangled her husband with the iron extension cord as he had just tried to strangle her with a pillow. He did not defend himself, she assures, and lends him over the interrogations of suicidal intentions.

Blows, insults, threats … According to his statements, supported by testimony from the couple’s entourage, Laurence S. had been subjected to physical and mental violence for 26 years. Her husband, who suffered from bipolar disorder and who accused her of an extramarital affair, had become more and more aggressive over the years as their financial difficulties intensified.

Bossy and depressed

Cashier at a supermarket, Laurence S. claims to have been forced by her husband to steal from the cash register. “When the employer realized this, he was so aware of what she was going through that he asked her to resign, but did not complain about embezzlement representing almost 20,000 euros in total.“Comments on the accused’s lawyer, Me Emmanuelle Mauro.

Among the relatives and neighbors interviewed during the investigation – including Reynald S.’s parents – very few found traces of beatings, but all reported psychological violence, bullying and humiliation exposed to a woman.under the influence», Particularly isolated. They described the victim as an angry, bossy and depressed man. He had been followed for fifteen years by a psychiatrist after two suicide attempts.

Neither Reynald S.’s daughter nor any of her relatives filed a civil lawsuit. In May, during a first day of trial, finally adjourned after a member of the court discomfort, no relatives of the victim were present.

“False memories?”

But apart from the issue of violenceand self-defense (…) the first question to be decided is: ‘Did the Lord really die as a result of premeditated murder?’asks Me Emmanuelle Mauro. According to the autopsy report, confirmed by further analyzes, the scientific results are not “not compatiblewith suffocation by means of a cable or tethering.

The analyzes did not make it possible to identify any traumatic cause or lesion that explains the incidence of death. A doctor noticed signs of a heart attack.old“, another regarded the discomfort of the heart as his”first hypothesis“, Which also causes a possible suffocation by means of an object applied to the face.

One of the clues that I present to the court is ‘Did not madame convince herself that she had killed her husband?’ She stayed in the apartment with her husband’s body for two weeks. One may rightly wonder what her mental state of health was like and whether she can finally not be convinced of having killed“and then create”false memoriesSays Me Emmanuelle Mauro.

During the interrupted trial in May, “I asked the psychiatrist the question of whether there were false memories in the scientific literature“, she continues.”He replied that it was a familiar concept. And without being completely explicit (…) he said, ‘why not’“.

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