2022 Presidential Election: Éric Zemmour’s Program (Reconquête!) On Social Protection (Infographic)

In his program ” For France to remain France “, Eric Zemmourparty candidate Recapture! at the election the 2022 presidential election formulated its proposals aimed at save France from the great demographic shift and the great economic downgrade ”.

Retirement at age 65, wage increases, suspension of child allowances in the event of absence from school, abolition of compulsory social assistance for non-European foreigners, etc. In the following infographic, Previssima lists the key objectives of social protection of the candidate.


  • Raise the legal retirement age to 64;
  • Create a senior index to encourage companies to keep seniors in employment;
  • Eliminate pension contributions for people in combined employment and retirement who have already validated all of their quarters’ contributions;
  • Completely exempt from CSG and CRDS small pensions of less than € 1,300 per month
  • Increase the survivors’ pension for widows by increasing the share of the deceased spouse from 54% to 75%;

Health and welfare

  • Rebuild the public hospital throughout the territory by recruiting 40,000 hospital staff;
  • Immediately increase remuneration for nurses by 12%;
  • Abolish free care for illegal aliens (State Medical Assistance – AME);
  • Recruits 1,000 state-paid physicians to provide care in medical deserts;
  • Establish local hospital services in medical deserts, particularly for maternity services, chemotherapy, screening and dental surgery;
  • Re-establish a mandatory on-call system for doctors across the country;
  • Establish palliative care units throughout the country;
  • Permanently abolish the vaccination passport;
  • Remove the Regional Health Agencies (ARS);

Old age and autonomy

Fantastic age:

  • Promote the maintenance of the elderly in their homes by simplifying the installation of home help in each ward;
  • Build 400,000 new places in nursing homes, reserve 25% for low-income families;
  • Multiply the controls of EHPADs and make them more efficient by transferring this mission to the prefects;
  • Increase the remuneration of nurses and home carers by 10%;
  • Establish an annual bonus for nurses, nurses and nurses to reward attendance;
  • Give family carers paid leave and give them the right to respite;
  • Tax exemption for allowances for caregivers;
  • Combat the isolation of vulnerable elderly people by encouraging visits through local vigilance networks;
  • Develop infrastructure to connect generations, such as nurseries in EHPADs;
  • Invest massively in research into chronic diseases, especially Alzheimer’s;


  • Create 15,000 places in institutions and offers adapted for adults with disabilities;
  • Help couples by deconjugating the Adult Disability Allowance (AAH);
  • Recruit an additional 50,000 people accompanying disabled students (AESH) and expand this support for higher education;
  • Develop specialized companies and services throughout the territory;

Social support

  • Return to the universality of family allowances by removing the income test;
  • Double the ceiling of the family quotient;
  • Abolish non-contributory social assistance to non-European foreigners;
  • Establish a grant of € 10,000 for any birth in a rural municipality;
  • Systematically suspend family allowances in case of absenteeism, crime or fraud;
  • Introduction of systemic control of recipients of social organizations;
  • Suspend social benefits for any repeat fraudster for 5 years;
  • Ensure that no recipient of social minima receives a cumulative amount greater than the minimum wage;
  • Create 60,000 additional nursery places;
  • Prioritize French single mothers in achieving social housing and space in day care institutions;

Business life – Work

  • Increase the net wage of low-income workers, up to more than EUR 100 per month for a worker on the minimum wage, thanks to the reduction of social taxes;
  • Reassess net wages by lowering CSG on low wages;
  • Complete tax exemption of co-determination bonus for employees and employers, and make it mandatory in companies with more than 11 employees;
  • Make it mandatory for companies to reimburse 50% of their employees’ fuel costs for their home-to-work journey;
  • Fully exempt from overtime for taxes and social security contributions;
  • Create a “zero fee” bonus based on earnings, paid by the employer, exempt from employer and employee contributions to social security schemes representing up to 3 months’ net salary;
  • Increase working hours to more than 35 hours;

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