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Evelyne Dhéliat told about Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s difficult funeral, where she “collapsed” and talked about her beauty secrets on TV Grandes Chaînes! With an anniversary under its belt, the weather queen holds the record for the longest CDI on TF1. But do you really know what makes the rain and the good weather? Everything you did not know about Evelyne Dhéliat (in pictures).

It is she who holds the record for the longest CDI on TF1. Evelyne Dheliatwho celebrated his 50th birthday on TF1, recently gave an interview to TV large channelswhere she discusses Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s heartbreaking funeralthat plastic surgery or his secrets to staying fit. It must be said that the weather host continues to dazzle the viewers, even in foggy weather, with his warm smile. In his TF1 news of February 17, his colleague Gilles Bouleau also praised him for his good and loyal service on the first channel. But do you really know the one who does the rain and the good weather on TF1? His beginningher familyhis grandchildrenhis struggle against Cancerhis secret to keeping the line… Here’s what you (maybe) did not know about Evelyne Dhéliat.

Evelyne Dhéliat: Childhood and Effective Beginnings

Evelyne Dheliat was born on April 19, 1948 in Cologne, Germany. She was raised by a commercial director, father and a mother of German descent, who ran a perfumery. It was at ORTF that she began her career in 1969, as speakerand then presents the program All in good time. In the 80s, she co-hosted the program with Jean Lanzi The house TF1and is the leader of Glad to see you. It was also at this point that she won 7 d’or of best speaker!

Evelyne Dhéliat: how she became a weather lady

It was not until 1991 that Evelyne Dhéliat submitted her candidacy to present the weather, following the departure of Michel Cardoze. She is elected to the position and presents officially its first weather forecast on 22 September 1992. The start of a long and productive career in weather forecasting, which gave him a reputation in the field. “My career is primarily based on lucky to have been there at the right time. I never took anyone’s place. I worked a lot, but above all I had opportunities to seize“, she assured Pocket TV.

Evelyne Dhéliat: the secret behind her success

One of the secret ingredients in Evelyne Dhéliat’s success? “I ask myself every day. Reviews, whether positive or negative, are important to me, and reactions from my colleagues and viewers on the street is like fuel“, Entrusted the head of the weather service to TV 7 days.

Evelyne Dhéliat: death of her husband Philippe Maraninchi

Evelyne Dheliat loses his husband Philippe Maraninchi in 2017. A grief so much the more painful as the spouses had lived together for fifty years. “We all have struggles to fight in life, and I believe that every ordeal I have faced has made me stronger (…) And it is true that I have resources in mebut I’m not really aware that it’s a strength“, Trusted weather host to S, Sophie Davants magazine. To overcome this ordeal, she was able to count on the support of her loved ones. “I have a lot of friendsreal old friends, or newer, young and old, who I am very close to, and who are by my side“, she explained.

Evelyne Dhéliat: wig and fight against cancer

But it is far from the first test that the head of the weather service TF1 faces. In 2012, Evelyne Dhéliat led one the fight against breast cancer. If the presenter first saves her health problems, the public is not fooled: Evelyne Dhéliat has been absent from TF1 for many months, then reveals to have been operated on without specifying the species. When he returned to the air, gossip was circulating her new hairstyle… which would be one wig. Viewers guess that the host is fighting cancer.

Evelyne Dhéliat: why she hid her illness

But why did the host insist on hiding his illness? “It’s personal, I also did not have to explain my problemseveryone has their problems. And that’s enough for everyone, I think“, She had replied C for you. Then she decides to break the silence. “I understood thanks to many letters receivedthat my word, my attitude, the fact of being there, in the air, could help some people – I’m not touched anything to talk about“, She explained in the magazine S.

Evelyne Dhéliat: her relationship to age

Today, the weather host still feels in shape and has hardly done so feels like a septiager. “Me, I love what I do. My positive way of living is that keep working. And I feel out of place because I do not feel like I’m my age. I feel the same strength as ten, twenty or thirty years ago“, she confided in TV large channels.

Evelyne Dhéliat: her secret to staying in shape (and the line)

At 73 years old, Evelyne Dhéliat has an impressive form and one silhouette still so slim. But the weather host hardly needs a fountain of youth or a beauty secret. she just “lucky to have a good nature“, she explained Pocket TVhowever, before specifying: “My girlfriends tend to think I go to the gym every day to keep fit. They get disillusioned when they see me has two desserts in the canteen! The truth is I avoid elevators when there are stairs“.

I walk a lot, I can cross all of Paris. I also go up the five floors of my house all the time, except when I have errands. Besides, it’s funny when I meet people in my building, they say to me, ‘The elevator is broken?she said TV large channels.

Did Evelyne Dhéliat get plastic surgery?

However, does the journalist adhere to a certain diet to keep the line? “I have a very balanced diet, but it’s for the taste. I love fish, vegetables and fruits. Sauces are not my thing. Corn I also eat chocolate and in the canteen, I always take two dessertswhich amuses the person who serves us”She clarified TV large channels. And to explain: “Afterwards there is a lot of inheritance, my mother was very fine. It’s my nature to be like that. And I’ve never had plastic surgery done. I’m “in my own juice,” as the antique dealers say“.

Evelyne Dhéliat “broke down” at JPP’s funeral

Below funeral of Jean-Pierre Pernautwhich took place on 9 March in the Basilica of Sainte-Clotilde in Paris, Nathalie Marquay Evelyne Dhéliat entrusted the heavy task of giving a speech in tribute to her husband. “I persevered throughout my speech. I had prepared it, but I had no notes, I did not want to read it. Eventually I crumbled a bit“, explained TV large channels the journalist, who was particularly close to the former JT host.

And to add: “We have always known each other. We saw each other every day at work and sometimes on the weekends with friends. Those were wonderful times. I have reminiscent of extraordinary evenings“.

Evelyne Dhéliat: the legacy secured … with her grandchildren?

However, if Evelyne Dhéliat does not intend to leave her post soon, her legacy may be secured! The virus of passion for the television universe has “skipped a generation“, because if his 55-year-old daughter Olivia has never shown the slightest interest in her profession, her grandchildren are passionate.”My grandchildren are very interested in my job. They became acquainted with the green screen and behind the scenes. There is one who is more interested in graphicsthe other of study“, she said in Telelomme.

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