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Chelsea have been in the news a lot lately, but do you know the club’s history? Its birth, its foundations, its legends, discover what created the history of Chelsea. More

Chelsea is a historic club in London and now has an international reputation. Double winner of the Champions League and Europa League, six-time champion of England and a record that only expands, Chelsea is a cador of world football. It is also the only club in England to have won all three major UEFA trophies: the Champions League, the European Cup Winners’ Cup and the Europa League. His story is still being written.

Over 100 years of history

117 years to be exact. Augustus Mears, an English businessman, bought Stamford Bridge with the help of his brother Joseph in 1904. Moreover, before it was a football stadium, it was only an athletics stadium. Gus Mears’ goal is to transform his stadium and rent it out to a club, especially Fulham FC. However, after a disagreement between the two parties, Gus Mears decides to cancel the collaboration. Gus Mears’ dream is slowly fading, he has to do something.

Legend has it that Augustus Mears is developing other projects for his infrastructure. He begins sales of Stamford Bridge, making the stadium a hotbed for Great Western Railway. But something is wrong and bothers Gus Mears. Frederick Parker, Gus Mears’ business partner, then repeatedly tries to get him to change his mind. Without success. One day, Parker is bitten by Mears’ dog. This is where Gus Mears understands one thing: Frederick Parker has always been a true supporter and ally for him. His bite handling and kindness are signs for Mears that the sale must not take place. Gus Mears then remains the owner of Stamford Bridge.

Here’s an idea hatched. Why not create your own football club? While the name Fulham is already being used for a club, Gus Mears has to find another name. Stamford Bridge FC? London FC? Kensington FC? These choices do not suit Gus Mears. He therefore chooses to name his club Chelsea FC, as Chelsea is one of London’s districts. On March 10, 1905, at The Rising Sun pub, just opposite Stamford Bridge, Augustus Mears and the other founding members of the club officially declared the creation of Chelsea FC. In addition, the pub still exists, but it now bears the name The Butcher’s Hook, it represents part of the club’s history.

Complicated beginnings

For decades, Chelsea flirted with the Premier League and Second Division. So much so that the club was not taken seriously for many years. His first trophy, won in 1955, surprised both the media and the fans. Far from being favorites, Chelsea won the English Championship and Community Shield the same year. The team is led by Roy Bentley, the club’s first legend, who scored 21 goals this season. Unfortunately, these trophies do not allow the club to move into a new dimension, on the contrary. The club was relegated at the end of the 1961-1962 season. A complicated situation for Chelsea, who decide to offer Tommy Docherty’s services. With the Scot on the bench, the team easily moved up in the Premier League and stabilized for a few years.

always stronger

The 90s symbolize the emergence of Chelsea. The club is finally stabilizing. Moreover, Ruud Gullit’s arrival on the Blues bench changes the situation. The recruitment of players like Marcel Desailly, Franck Leboeuf or Gianfranco Zola sent Chelsea into a new dimension. In 1998, another European Cup Winners’ Cup was added to the showcase. Prior to Roman Abramovich’s arrival, the club won no less than 4 trophies. But Abramovich surpasses all of the Blues’ wildest dreams. Two Champions Leagues, two Europa Leagues, two Community Shields, 5 FA Cups or even five Premier Leagues, Chelsea crush everything in its path.

Roman Abramovich has put Chelsea up for sale! (sports icon)

In the summer of 2003, Ken Bates, the club’s former owner, sold Chelsea to Roman Abramovich for the modest sum of £ 140 million. The club is estimated today at more than three billion pounds. Just that. One of the president’s first decisions is to bring José Mourinho to the bench at the Blues. Recent winner of the Cup with big ears with Porto, Abramovich wants to send a strong message to Europe.

Moreover, Chelsea looked green and not mature with Mourinho. For the youngest, Chelsea eliminated FC FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich in 2005. Two real feats. Only Liverpool erases the hope of the final. While Chelsea had managed to hold on to a draw in the first match, Luis Garcia had scored the only goal in the double confrontation. A phantom goal. Did the ball actually cross the line? No one knows, this purpose is still a mystery to this day.

A sequel to writing

Since then, Chelsea have won no less than four European Cups. Champions League, the most beautiful, in 2012. A great Didier Drogba has been there. Carried by Petr Čechr or Frank Lampard, the team gives everything to win this coveted trophy. Nine years after winning the Grail for the first time, Chelsea once again achieved the feat. Despite many ups and downs, Chelsea have really managed to establish themselves as a reference and have become a very big player in Europe.

Didier Drogba won C1 in 2012 at Chelsea / Icon Sport
Didier Drogba won C1 in 2012 at Chelsea / Icon Sport Photo: Leicester / Bpi / Icon Sport

Still in contention in the Champions League, the Blues have the opportunity to make a historic double for the club. History will continue to be written against Real Madrid from 6 April. A double confrontation that sounds like revenge for the Merengues. But, who were eliminated at the entrance to the final by Chelsea, the previous season, Real are eager to take revenge. Can Chelsea still go to the end of this competition? The end is coming …

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