crushed, he expresses himself and reveals everything

How not to be touched by the touching words of a man plagued by loneliness. Fans of Franck from “Love is in the Meadow” made no secret of their concern after reading his latest Instagram post. Objeko tells you everything in detail …

Remember the 2021 edition of the M6’s flagship telecooker. A forester from Charente-Maritime had particularly touched viewers. As the show provides, Franck had the pleasure of welcoming two bachelors to his home. His first love, Cécile, was ultimately not ready to give up his life to join him. Of course, he ends up getting closer to Anne-Lise, his second suitor. This budding love provoked Cécile’s departure. Captured by her emotions, our forester tried everything to win her heart back. To the delight of him and his admirers, he managed to seduce the beauty and even went to the balance of the show with her. Unfortunately, their story ended far too soon for Franck.

The ex-candidate for “Love is in the Meadow” expresses his melancholy with a poet’s soul

Since then, this man who has never hidden his sensitivity has not found love. Cécile’s departure was a true blow to him. Today, Franck suffers from enormous loneliness. He shared this Thursday, March 24, this melancholy that gnaws at him: ” There are days when I’m like this tree, falling down and trying to get up again … Anything that usually makes me smile will be invisible. I will seek refuge in my loneliness to drown my grief there. Like a spring bud, I want to wait for winter to pass. But sometimes it seems so far … ” he says, illustrating his post with the photo of an upright tree. When we read these words, we perceive this sensitivity and this feeling that he expresses with beautiful metaphors.

If his talent as a poet has touched his admirers, Karine Le Marchand’s ex-protégé has also given rise to real concern among his fans. Trapped by his suffering, he multiplied the massager of encouragement. Many of them expressed their support and tried to make him smile again.

His sensitivity had not gone unnoticed during the episodes of “Love is in the meadow”. In addition, the farmer makes no secret of it, since he revealed that there is little on the social networks, having been very touched by a famous Disney who tells the story of a fawn named Bamby.

A hard blow never comes alone

The failure of his relationship with Cécile is probably the cause of his melancholy. But unfortunately that is not his only hard blow. A few months ago, the 46-year-old gardener was forced to turn down his activity. In fact, his doctor told him a real risk of stroke in case of overtime. Forced to slow down despite his passion for his work, Franck then declared on his Instagram story: ” My beautiful little Périgord forest. I often think about it, but do not have time to go down there or take care of it. What a shame! For her, I am thinking of handing over to someone who will know how to love her like me.. »

It is safe to say that this big-hearted man has good reason to be sad. Devoured by loneliness, he remains hopeful of finding love again. One thing is for sure, he can count on his subscribers distracting him and encouraging him to move on.

Franck remains hopeful about finding love

Support messages pour into his Instagram account. To reassure all who think of him, this emblematic face of “Love is in the Meadow” resumes its pen: ” I walk along the beach, lost in my thoughts … The surf cradles my ears. The sun is wonderful. In the distance, on the edge, an object or whatever catches my eye. A camellia flower! Was swept away by the sea I begin to dream of a magnificent story … What if it was a character? With his beautiful words, Franck has a real weapon of seduction! Nothing like a poet’s soul to overthrow a woman’s heart …

It’s all the misfortune we wish for this ex-candidate of “Love is in the meadow” to finally find the one who will be able to give him a smile. In any case, you can count on the Objeko team to bring you news about this gardener with a big heart!

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