Daphnée Perret Vergeau, stationed in Florida and entrepreneur at heart

It was in 1977 that the United Nations officially recognized March 8 as International Women’s Day. For four years, Le Petit Journal New York has been extending this day dedicated to women and women’s rights throughout the month of March. This year, our new Florida edition joins us.

During this March, 2022, many French-speaking women from New York, Florida, and more broadly from the United States will be honored in our columns with the support of the auditing firm Orbiss, co-founded by a wife, Laurence Ruiz.

Today we have an appointment with Daphnée Perret Vergeau. Based in Orlando for 10 years, she is an entrepreneur at heart. It supports European investors in buying real estate in Florida and helps families arriving in Sunshine State in their installation. But not only! Portrait of a generous, radiant woman imbued with a sense of humor of great finesse.

Daphnee Perret Vergeau

From Saint Etienne to Orlando

Usually in the spotlight I push my husband “Daphnée explains humorously,” I’m a little behind, I like being the ant “. Daphnée Perret Vergeau is one of those women who is a solid bulwark in the couple, in the family. Multi-cap and entrepreneur at heart, she works with passion. Tireless.

Daphnée was born in Versailles, but grew up between Saint-Etienne and Nantes. fidgeting is a family affair she explains with a laugh. Daughter of an industrialist based in the Stéphanoise region, she joined the family business after joining the workforce. A decade later, her husband, a banker at the time, received a proposal for transfer to Guadeloupe. Suggestions accepted by the couple, led by a family of 3 small children – ” It was a landscape change, an adventure, but we are not necessarily islanders, Daphne remembers. After 4 years of a very comfortable life in Guadeloupe and a proposal to move her husband to Paris or Strasbourg, it was decided to go to the United States.

Daphnée, an entrepreneur at heart, meanwhile takes over a decoration shop in Guadeloupe ” I have never felt like a stay-at-home momshe said, smiling. Work is crucial to its balance. Over the course of their lives on the island, the couple made a habit of traveling to Florida. A state that appeals to them. An American life that attracts them. Abandoned, the transfer to “the metropolitan area of ​​France, the family is setting sail for Orlando, thanks to Daphnée’s business, which it intends to continue developing in the United States. She is opening another store in Orlando. The destination is a choice of cause,” it was a city that was not very expensive, with good economic dynamism, comfortable to live in because of its weather she explains.

We arrived with our three children under our arms and we opened a decoration shop. The store took off really well, but two weeks after the signing of the lease, the owner filed for bankruptcy, and the shopping street itself, where we were with 14 other stores, collapsed.. Two years later, two stores, including Daphnées, survived. ” Commercial leases were not renewed, people traveled, so we switched to online sales. In the US, the shipping system is excellent, online sales were included in our business plan to supplement in-store sales. “. But with the owner’s setback directly affecting Daphnée’s business, she’s switching 100% to online sales via what’s become the giant Amazon.” I’m a Amazon veteran now.joker Daphne.

Entrepreneur at heart

From 2016, imports of French products became more complicated and more expensive with the measures taken by the Trump administration, and it was at that time that Daphnée decided to open up his options and add a string to his bow. She enters her husband’s business, a reputable corporate broker, who accompanies French entrepreneurs to establish their business in the United States, and especially in Florida. To provide a complete service to these families of expatriates leaving their suitcases in Sunshine State, Daphnée obtained his real estate license ” Alongside my online business, I am officially a real estate agent. I work primarily with European investors looking to buy or rent real estate in Florida. With my entrepreneurial profile, I bring an analysis of the product’s profitability and safety, I thus accompany buyers when buying the property that we consider ‘safe’ thanks to the analysis of the neighborhood, the environment .. I accompany investors, families who come for to settle, or who moves. And with my status as a mother, I can accompany families in the installation, schools … explains the entrepreneur, involved in local life in Orlando.

With two companies, one man, three children ” I was a little bored she jokes, I also went back to school “. First, by perfecting the English language, then in American culture, one class after another, one level after another, Daphnée continues to quench her thirst for discovery and culture. To know. She remains passionately involved. in local life.She crushes life in Florida to the fullest.

I have many different lives, it is the circumstances that have brought me to where I am. I’m curious and always discover a lot of things, she concludes.

By Rachel Brunett

“Month of Women” 2022 is supported by the auditing firm Orbiss


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