During a broadcast, a veteran checks his bank account, discovers his wife’s expenses and suspects her of infidelity

While a man was stationed in Afghanistan, he often checked his bills online to make sure the automatic payment option was working properly. One day, he opened his credit card statement, scrolled through the transaction history, and discovered something unusual.

The man confessed that an unusual transaction caught his attention. So he quickly thought about the reasons that might have forced his wife to spend that money.

When he could not find a valid reason, he mentioned the transaction while talking to his wife on Skype and saw her expression change.

Veteran suspects wife of cheating during posting | Source: Shutterstock

The editor with the username Aggravating-Ad-5793 opened up about the transaction, years after discovering it. He had also noticed a few meal charges as he reviewed the transaction history.

When his wife was alone with the kids, he felt that a few dinners in the restaurant were not alarming to him. He knew how difficult it must be for his wife to take care of the children alone. However, one transaction in particular sparked his concern. It was a “plane ticket to a tourist destination on the other side of the country,” he explained.

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He noted that the trip was scheduled for the following month and that the ticket had been booked a few weeks before. He saw no reason why his wife would have booked a single ticket to a tourist destination.

Furious, Op told her he would call child protection.

When he spoke to her on Skype next time, he accidentally mentioned the ticket. Surprised, she asked him how he knew, unaware of the bank’s online operations.

He asked her about the ticket while talking to her on Skype | Source: Unsplash

When OP (Original Poster) told her he had access to it through the card’s transaction history, she said she was going on a “mental health retreat” with her colleagues because she felt exhausted after taking care of the kids alone.

The man replied that he understood that she needed a rest, but felt that she should have discussed this with him before buying a ticket for a trip that would leave their children without parents. He remembered:

“Then I asked her who would take care of the kids in the week she was away.”

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OP’s wife replied that their 16-year-old neighbor would take care of the children. Furious, he told her he would call child protection if she left the children without an adult at home. His wife therefore agreed to call his mother and ask her to stay with the children while she was away.

A day before the trip, OP called his wife, but his phone was not available. “Since I could not reach my wife the day before the trip, I called my mother-in-law to check on the children, and she told me that my wife had left earlier in the day to spend the night at a hotel near the hotel. , ”He explained:

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He found this a bit unusual as they often fly to this airport on their vacations and had never had trouble covering the 80km in the morning when flying. There was also no hotel bill for that night.

He also waited for a charge to appear in his transaction history for his wife’s travel destination, but found nothing. The peculiarity of the trip had begun to make him suspicious.

While his wife was away from home, the husband began to review her call log and discovered that she was in frequent contact with a number. She had been in contact with the same number for a very long time.

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The man asked his wife to send him pictures of the trip to dispel his doubts. She replied that she had not taken any pictures. He then asked her to give him the names of his colleagues. He remembers:

“She gave me a name but would not give me the surname or the department where this woman was to work”.

His wife’s response made him look at her suspiciously. So he confronted her with the number she had kept in touch with throughout the trip. He asked her why she was not in contact with this person during the trip, and then abruptly hung up.

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Before their next call, OP had already confirmed that there were no female colleagues on the trip. He confronted her immediately and made her admit that she had been on a “retreat” with a man. He told :

“She eventually admitted it was a male colleague, but went on to claim that everyone else had left her.”

She also admitted that she spent several nights with the same man in a hotel room, making OP who had had enough of his lies and immediately sought divorce. He accused her of infidelity and told her he would no longer live with her.

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In an attempt to stop him, the woman cried and asked her children to hold the phone while she knelt, asking him not to leave her.

He ended the call and did not speak to her until she got home. He got his clothes and uniforms back because he had decided to move.

The woman asked him not to leave him. She offered him to stay in an open marriage or a marriage without an intimate relationship, but OP refused. He said he would consider not divorcing her if she confessed every detail honestly.

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She told him everything from the time she first met the man, but OP knew she was lying. Before leaving the house, he asked her if she was still in contact with him, and according to OP:

“She said she ‘could if I really wanted to’.

He said he wanted her to stop talking to him, so she said yes. Four days later, the man was to go to New York with his children, but he did not. He stayed in town while his wife thought they had left.

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He tracked her phone on a tracking app and saw that she was at a restaurant. After seeing that her phone was at her house, he went there to talk to her and saw something he will never forget. He remembers:

“I was waiting for the tracker to say she’s home, waited a few minutes and came across her and her colleague in our room.”

The commander later discovered that the man had come to his house regularly and that his children knew him very well. They had spent a lot of time together as a family when OP was deployed abroad.

The man had lived in their house | Source: Unsplash

After this incident, OP was given full custody of his children while his wife asked him to take her back. He confessed that he had tried to forgive her but could not because she had done the worst to her children.

Most Redditors felt bad about OP after reading his post. PaPaKAPture said this was typical of the military, writing:

“I’m sorry, but it looks like you came back from hell twice. Thank you for your service.”

OP posted his story on Reddit | Source: Unsplash

Meanwhile, sampa2nyc praised OP for not falling for her wife’s trap because what she was doing was wrong and could have put their children in danger.

Other Redditors felt bad about OP and praised him for his mental toughness. Some also asked him how he got full custody of his children.

People wondered how OP got full custody of its children | Source: Pexel

Do you think OP should have questioned his wife further when he first saw the unusual transaction?

OP mentioned the plane ticket while talking to his wife, to which she replied with a lie. If he had insisted more, which he did not, he could have gotten the truth from her, and it could have had consequences on his journey.

If the woman had been honest from the start, do you think there was a greater chance that OP would forgive her?

OP gave his wife a chance by being honest, but she continued to lie and he saw through her game, which further strengthened his decision to leave her. If OP’s wife had been completely honest with him, OP could have considered giving him another chance.

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