Farewell to Federico Martin Aramburu: “It is always love that wins”

The funeral of Federico Martin Aramburu, who was assassinated last weekend in Paris, took place on Saturday afternoon in Biarritz. More than 1,000 people paid tribute to “Fat”, whom they loved so much.

The Sainte-Eugénie church in Biarritz was too small to accommodate the huge crowd gathered on Saturday afternoon to pay tribute to Federico Martin Aramburu, who was brutally shot dead last weekend in Paris. They were more than a thousand under a soft spring sun having the answer present for “Fat”. There was the president of the French rugby federation Bernard Laporte, the president of the national rugby league René Bouscatel, the former head of BOPB and the league Serge Blanco, associated with Aramburu Shaun Hegarty, present at the time drama, or even the manager of the French stadium Gonzalo Quesada , his friend.

His “Galactic” brothers, with whom he had won two Brennus Shields (2005, 2006), were also there, from Dimitri Yachvili to Thierry Dusautoir, via Imanol Harinordoquy, Petru Balan, Benoit August, Thomas Lievremont or Jérôme Thion to recite none. other than them. ” Today, you still manage to do what you loved most. Gather at the last minute the people you love and who love you. Except for this moment, Fede, we had never imagined it like this. “stressed his friend, Roger Aguerre.

Don Arnaud: “A man worried about peace and outraged by injustice”

The coffin of the Argentine center three quarters, carried by its captain at the time Thomas Lievremont, Nicolas Brusque, Manuel Carizza or even Shaun Hegarty entered the church to the sound of a powerful and living “Agur Jaunak” (Adieu monsieur, red .), then the ceremony was conducted in French and Spanish by the bilingual priest Don Arnaud, a close friend of the family. ” Fat was and will be sunshine for many of us. He was a man preoccupied with peace and outraged by injustice.recalled the latter.

For an hour and a half, a message of peace was delivered by the priest and followed by the former Argentine international (22 selections). ” We will commit ourselves with faith to live in the love of God, renounce all ideas of hatred and revenge and seek only justice, confirmed Don Arnaud. We have all come to salute you and say to you with all our heart, thank you. Thank you for your energy and kindness. Thank you for your friendship and your fighting spirit. Thank you for your attention to everyone. Thank you for your joy and concern for all. Your departure brings together a family around yours that seems as numerous as the stars in the sky. Now you’re Gone. We choose to put our energy in the heart of Jesus, so that together with you we always receive the burning and gentle power of love, to establish here below and forever a dominion of righteousness and peace. . »

” Do not be angry “

With remarkable dignity, his wife, Maria, also spoke despite her immense pain. ” If there was one thing Fede would have wanted to tell us now, it would have been: death is nothing. I went straight into the next room. What we were for each other, we still are. Speak to me as you always have. Do not change the tone. Do not look solemn or sad. Keep laughing at what made us laugh together “she said, supported by her eldest daughter.

In the process, his mother, Cécilia Martin Aramburu, accompanied by Thomas Lievremont read “Invictus”, the poem by the English author William Ernest Henley. Then she said: The solution to all this is not justice, states or politics. It is to cultivate invincible souls so that our children do not know about hatred. An invincible soul does not mean to let hatred in, not to demean those who are different, those who are less good. It is to be tolerant of those who are different. »

Roger Aguerre, former coach of the young teams at Olympic Biarritz and close to the family, recalled: ” You have always been an advocate for social justice, equality between men, and you defended it with conviction that night. »

He then recounted these few “magnificent words” held by Aramburus and Mary’s mother on Tuesday. After Roger Aguerre told them to be “sad and angry at those who did this”the two mothers replied: Do not be angry. Love always wins. “ Strong in the face of this tragedy, Aguerre continued: “Since Tuesday, these words have resonated in me and help me accept the unacceptable. And they are right, ‘Fat.’ It is always love that wins and controls our lives. You loved life, Fat, and you loved it, there was life.Many are those who have had the chance to be your friend.In the middle of the “Argentine bandera” (Argentine flag, editor’s note), if colors you have worn brilliantly, there is a sun. I do not think I’m going to make a mistake when I say here that you are the sun of us all, so much did you enlighten with your presence every moment you spent with you. »

A round of applause

In the church of Sainte-Eugénie, where the red and white jersey of the football club La Plata “Los Estudiantes” was located next to the coffin, the Basque choirs gave rhythm to the mass. “Gurekin egon” (Stay with us, editor’s note), lulled by singer Anne Etchegoyen’s sweet voice, sounded. The song “Y dale alegría a mi corazón” (And give joy to my heart, ed. Note) by the Argentine singer Fito Páez, played on guitar, came as a reminder of his homeland. Then, at the end of the ceremony, the former Argentine right pillar Omar Hassan sang, a cappella, a powerful “Ave Maria”. The coffin was then taken out for a shower of applause, which lasted for very long minutes. A tribute to the height of the character.

From the Basque coast to La Plata, his hometown, from CASI (Club Atlético de San Isidro, his first team) to BO, via Perpignan, Dax or Glasgow Warriors, the various clubs he played for, all those who were lucky enough to meet the great man he was will never forget his kindness, his infectious zest for life and his huge smile. “Abrazo”, Fede.

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