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That is it, Love is in the meadow 2021 is over! Karine Le Marchand closed Monday night on the M6 ​​season 16 of the dating program, and in the end, the vintage is pretty good, as this edition has six pawns in a pair, more than half! If you missed the two review nights posted on the M6, here’s a quick summary.

Hervé in a relationship with Stephanie

This is the big story of the season. Hervé, the cobbler from Picardy, had never known love, but thanks to the M6 ​​exhibition, his life has changed completely. After inviting Vanessa and Stéphanie to his home, it was with the latter that he began a wonderful love story. The young woman now lives at home and the couple can now enjoy the joys of life together.

Jean-François in a relationship with Mélanie

Between them it is fusion. Since their meeting during the speed dating, the Ariège breeder and this 40-and-also from the region have not taken their eyes off each other. Same sensitivity, same love of traditions, same passion for singing … Jean-François and Mélanie have simply found each other and intend to reach far together.

Winemaker Vincent in a relationship with Marie-Jeanne

They took their time and it suits them well. Vincent, the winemaker from the South of France, had been invited home to his home without much conviction Marie-Jeanne, a shy 50-year-old from Montélimar. The sympathetic farmer bet more on Karine, his second suitor, but it is finally with the sweet Marie-Jeanne that he started a beautiful love story. Between them, things happen gradually, but make room for a lot of sincerity and mutual love.

Vincent le Provençal, in a relationship with Justine, met after the show

He was advertised as being the seducer of this season 16… and that was the case! The horse breeder from Vaucluse had invited two young people, Hafsa and Natacha, to his home. But if the power had gone more over with the other, Vincent would have finally made the choice not to move on, lamenting the excessive age difference between the young suitor and him. During the assessment, the horse trainer arrived accompanied by Justine, a young woman living on the Basque coast. They met indirectly through the show, as this wealth manager had subscribed to Vincent’s Instagram account after seeing him on the show. After seeing him travel through her area, Justine had invited him for a cup of coffee, and since then it has been true love.

Valentine’s Day with Charley

Initially, it was not won for Valentin. The edible flower grower himself admits that he did not think he would be able to find love. But the magic knows Love is in the meadow operated. Through the show, he got to know Charlie, a young dentist from Touraine. After falling in love with each other during speed dating, they had a lovely love story in front of the cameras on the M6 ​​and continue it outside. Still a couple, they have many projects in common in the Valentine farm.

Sébastien in a relationship with Karine

When the north meets the south, it often sparks … When Sébastien, a lavender grower living in Provence, met this Parisian brunette, love at first sight was almost instantaneous. Emotions that have only been confirmed through their adventures in front of the cameras on the M6. Today, Karine is moving in with Sébastien and there is no doubt that it holds between them!

Franck, Delphine, Jean-Daniel, Paulette and Nathalie: the singles from season 16

Unfortunately, not all farmers in the 2021 edition have found love. Franck, the forester from Charente-Maritime, accompanied Cécile during the assessment. But we now know that they are no longer together … Delphine had meanwhile experienced the beginning of a love affair with the volcano Ghislaine. But the very assertive nature of her suitor had ended up getting tired of the arborist, who today is therefore looking for love again.

Jean-Daniel and Paulette, the two Swiss this season, have also failed to find love thanks to the show. The cobbler admitted during the assessment that he might not yet be ready to commit, while the donkey breeder revealed that he was again in a relationship with a certain Jean-Paul, who is nothing but … her ex-husband!

Finally, Nathalie, the breeder of calves under her mother, has certainly paid for her clumsiness throughout her adventure. Often harsh with her two suitors, Bruno and Stéphane, she came to balance alone. But she is still determined to find love. By the way, if you want to contact one of these individual farmers, you need to know that you can write to: Love is in the meadow TSA 21234, 75070 Paris Cedex 02. For your pens!

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