Lisa Leplus, a Varoise on her way to the World Championships in synchronized skating in Canada

This 24-year-old young woman learned to skate at La Garde in Var. For two years she has been part of the team representing France in synchronized skating. The team will soon travel to Canada to participate in the World Cup.

As a mere 24-year-old, Lisa Leplus already has twenty years of skating behind her. Originally from La Garde in Var, she now lives in Lyon, where she is a member of the Zulu team, a Lyon team representing France in synchronized skating internationally.

From April 7 to 9, the Zulus will travel to Canada to participate in the World Championships in synchronized skating. This is the first time Lisa Leplus is participating in this competition. “Due to the Covid crisis, the championship did not take place last year, she explains disappointed. I’m not really aware that we’re leaving soon because we thought so much that we would not travel yet because of Covid … ” But she has something that makes him smile:

This will be my first time to Canada!

Lisa Leplus, member of the French synchronized skating team

Be careful not to confuse synchronized skating with the more popular figure skating or ice dancing. In this discipline practiced by Lisa Leplus, a mixed team of 16 skaters perform short and long programs at the same time on the ice.

At the World Cup, France will face 22 other national teams. Zulu’s goal is tenth place:

The best score that France has ever achieved is to reach an 11th place. It’s up to us to do better!

To win this tenth place, they must overtake the Japanese, the Italians but also the Germans and Hungarians. These are the opponents that Lisa Leplus fears the most.

To impress them, the Zulus are planning a short program with the theme of Africa and a long program based on sign language. “We chose the theme of Africa to repeat the first theme that the team had chosen 30 years ago when it started, details about the skater. It is a dynamic and joyful program that allows us to party on the ice. On the other hand, the long program is more engaging, more lyrical and much more emotional. ”

During these dances, Lisa Leplus will have the opportunity to show her specialty: “spiral of death”. This somewhat frightening name actually hides a very graceful figure. One skater spins the other, which ends very close and parallel to the ground.

Ice skating is a passion that has driven Lisa since a young age.

My mom wanted to teach me to skate before we went there with the school. Since then, I have never stopped.

Lisa has tried everything in skating: artistic and individual skating, ballet on ice, but of course also synchronous skating, which has been her favorite for two years. When she was younger, she belonged to the clubs La Garde, Aubagne and Marseille. It was to join the Zulus team – and thus compete in international competitions – that she had to move to Lyon. “I miss the sun of the south and the sea a little, that’s right”, admits the young woman.

In addition to her profession as a skater, Lisa Leplus is a physiotherapist. “Since it’s not a very well known sport, I have to have a job next door”, she explains. But even that, she manages to link it to her passion. Sometimes she does physiotherapy for her teammates.

She hopes one day to see her sport integrate the list of disciplines competing at the Olympics. There is hope for 2026 … For that, the teams had to be increased to 12 members, against 16 pt. But Lisa Leplus already knows that if synchronized skating becomes an Olympic sport for the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan, she will probably be retired by then.

Maybe she could go there as a physiotherapist? “Oh yes, maybe! That would be good!”exclaims the skater full of hope.

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