Lucile gives a big warning to future participants

What a fly Lucile stung Love is in the meadow ? More cash than ever, it’s aimed at newcomers! Uha it hurts!

Lucile, more money than ever

During the fifteenth season of Love is in the meadow, Cupid did a good job. By connecting Mathieu and Alexandre, Karine Le Marchand did not actually expect to become the godmother of their marriage. In addition, due to the deplorable state of health of the parents of one of the two dwarf parrots, it is she who will accompany him to the altar. Among the guests, Jérôme and Lucile do not miss a beat. Pregnant with their first child, the young woman also has an eternal recognition for the issuance of the M6. After looking at the portraits of the seventeenth part, she will tell her experience. NOTE, dear suitors, please fasten your seat belt while hanging in the seat. The least Objeko can say is that the ex-candidate is waiting around the corner! Right in the boots, she knocks everything out on her way!

Lucile’s advice is worth a detour

In this article, Object told you about Cécile’s warning. Much less happy than Lucile, the latter has a hard time accepting the blow. First of all, during the week on the farm, she understands that Franck will have trouble coping with the distance. So she packs her suitcases. Instead of holding her back, he prefers to let her go. A few days later, he realizes his terrible mistake and breaks away from the troubled Anne-Lise. Coming into disaster to calm the situation, Karine Le Marchand suggests the crushed man take his finest pen. After a short period of calm, the couple separated forever. Oh … she’s not recovering, and neither is he!

While the heroes of the new installment look after the postman’s arrival like milk on the fire, Lucile puts her foot in the dish. Between two brackets of her wedding dress, she wants to support those who dare to take the plunge. It deals exclusively with ” to anyone asking for adviceOh! Again, Jerome’s treasure uses an honest vocabulary. It’s obvious we can never blame him for lying about his feelings! ” No matter how or why, write if your heart drives you to it! We only live once! »

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Often caught up in the hatreds, she begs them to ignore “cameras and what people will say.” Moreover, she knows better than anyone else that there will always be evil spirits to judge, with or without the presence of the M6’s technical team. Here, by the way, is how she challenges those troublemakers. It is them” who is jealous of the courage you will have to write and launch yourself for the most beautiful reasons, love. »

A woman who has been warned is pre-armed

The ingredients in the letter are simple. First we put the most ” sincerity “Possible by taking care not to” dispersion “ the details of life. Lucile’s philosophy gives a smile to all the singles who dare not take the plunge. “Better to live life to the fullest than always to be afraid, to do nothing and miss your chance. »

Find out, maybe this will motivate the shy, suspicious and other modest feelings. Moreover, as long as she’s there, Lucile places the dots on the I’s with those who would try. ” to override the cameras (…) it is not fair or just. She thinks lovingly of her future husband and declares that ” these gentlemen become naked * and take the risk of exposing themselves to the public to find love. »

One last message to the road!

Also the opposite must be true. More than ever, their leitmotif is to be found “a person with the same courage and able to show so much willpower to them”. With a smile, she shows us that the spotlight should not scare us, on the contrary. Hence those who refuse to go in front of a camera for Monsieur is that he is not for you!“. This has the advantage of being clear, clean and accurate! Follows the next issue of Objeko and see you soon for new adventures.

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