Oscars 2022: Why did Will Smith give comedian Chris Rock?

“Do not talk about my wife!” On Sunday, March 27, 2022, during the Oscar ceremony at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, Will Smith beat Chris Rock in front of an astonished audience. It was not staged, as can often be the case during this big trade show in Hollywood.

A bad joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia

Comedian Chris Rock went on stage to present an Oscar for Best Documentary Summer of soul. But before the announcement, he indulged in the traditional introductory sketch.

The American comedian then made fun of the haircut of Jada Pinkett Smith, who recently shaved her head. The singer has alopecia, a condition that involves an acute and abnormal loss of body hair, especially scalp hair. Chris Rock then compared it to the role of Demi Moore, a shaved soldier, in the film GI Jane (On Equal Arms, in France) directed in 1997 by Ridley Scott.

In response, Jada Pinkett Smith rolled her eyes, trying to stay neutral. Will Smith, he got up, went on stage and gave a violent slap to Chris Rock. The scene that followed is just as surreal. Will Smith, who returned to sit with his wife, did not take off.

A few rude words sounded, forcing the organizers of the ceremony to cut the microphones. In France, unlike the United States, where gangs are particularly censored, Channel+ issue the entire stock exchange. Actor Chris Rock, acting in shock, tries to continue the evening smiling: “Will Smith just gave me a slap”. To which the actor replies: “I do not want to hear a word come out of your mouth about my wife”.

Chris Rock tried to explain that it was “a joke”. He did not apologize. Still stunned, the actor wanted to forget the sequence with a little humor: “It was the biggest night in TV history”.

Hatred of women and toxic masculinity

Seeing Will Smith come out of his head and choose violence in response is a disturbing scene. If he wants to protect his wife from the words of the comedian, even though she may not have asked for anything, the actor maintains the idea of ​​a toxic masculinity, characterized by a paternalistic duty to defend his wife’s honor.

However, this Chris Rock joke is not insignificant. Attacking a woman’s physique to make fun of her is a common sexist practice.

But more precisely, the remark by Chris Rock has a misogynistic scope. In fact, black women whose natural hair has been condemned and devalued for centuries are particularly affected by hair loss – favored by repeated chemical treatments to smooth them or very tight braid.

In January 2022, Jada Pinkett Smith spoke for the first time about her autoimmune disease. In a video shared with pride, she announced to her Instagram community that she had alopecia.

No complaints filed

As a result of this altercation, Los Angeles police “became aware of an incident between two people during the” Oscars, in which one person beat another. Police reported after the ceremony that “the person involved refused to raise charges”.

In a statement, local law enforcement said they would be “available to complete an investigation report” if Chris Rock ever changes his mind.

The Oscar academy immediately condemned this gesture on Twitter. “The Academy does not tolerate any form of violence“, We can read.

Will Smith, best actor, reconsiders his quarrel

Viewers and audiences may have for a moment thought this was an extremely realistic but playful staging between the two men. The doubt was removed about an hour after the direct incident.

Later, Will Smith was called on stage, he was named best actor for his role. in Williams method, biopic about tennis women Serena and Venus Williams. The latter took the opportunity to return to the events and apologize in tears.

In this job, some will respect you and you have to smile, behave as if it is normal.

“Richard Williams [son rôle dans La Méthode Williams, ndlr] was a tenacious defender of his family. I am overwhelmed by what is happening to me. Love makes you do crazy things. My calling is to love people and to protect them and to be an anchor for my loved ones. In this job, some will respect you and you have to smile, behave as if it is normal. Denzel Washington just said to me: beware, the devil always comes in triumphal moments. “

The Oscar-winning actor would then “apologize to the Academy” for the Oscars.

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