[Paroles de supporters #56] missfcgb: “Do not beat my husband who supports Marseille 😊”

Today in “Words of Supporters episode 56”we are with Stephanie aka missfcgba supporter of The Girondins of Bordeaux on Twitter and The Tribune of the Girondins.

Hi Stephanie Oh!

Can you introduce yourself to the followers in a few words?

Hi my name is Stéphanie, I am 41 years old, I have lived in Périgord for 10 years but clean and hard from Bordeaux.

Where do you support the Girondins and since when?

I have supported the Girondins since Château-L’évêque, since 2012 and long before when I lived in the Gironde.

Who gave you this passion for Marines and Whites?

The passion for football in general comes to me from my grandfather and the Girondins thanks to my little brother Mathieu.

Do you often come to the stadium? If so, are you registered in a group or through the club?

I often came before I lived and founded my family in the Dordogne (do not beat my husband who supports Marseille) 😊! Before I subscribed to the south turn.

If you do not go to the stadium, how do you follow the Girondins?

I follow our gigis on social networks and the internet.

Have you ever traveled? If so, which ones? And your next plans?

No tours, but I would like to.

What are your best memories since supporting FCGB?

My best memories are titlen 2009 and the Champions League race that followed.

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How do you find out about the Girondins? By what means?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the local press.

Have you already done things related to the Girondins on social networks? (Issues, columnist, speaker, guest, pages, groups, videos …)

I do it now 😉!

Did you meet other fans at the stadium or outside, thanks to all these places to share?

I have met a few and would love to meet some from Twitter.

If you were to make your eleven type of Girondin players?

Carrasso – Grenet Planus Tremoulinas Lizarazu – Fernando Micoud Zidane – Cavenaghi Chamakh Pauleta

Your player that you love?

Fernando Cavenaghi.

Your player that you want to forget?

Moussa Maazou.

Your favorite trainer?

Elie Baup.

How do you live this long period of scarcity in the Girondins (without a title since 2013)? Are you relativizing?

I relativize even though I mud inside. I say to myself that the best is coming soon, finally I hope with all my heart.

Tomorrow you are the recruitment director with a good portfolio, which players do you take in L1? And abroad? (we have the right to dream huh!)

In L1 I would say Kylian Mbappe but I dream too much.

If Petkovic had not come, which coach would you have wanted and why?

I would like to have Bruno Genesio. I think he does a good job with Rennes.

Your wishes for the Girondins?

May my Girondins regain their greatness.

Chamakh or Gourcuff? Chamakh

Wendel or Malcolm? Wendel

Ramé or Carrasso? Carrasso

Planus or Henrique? Planus

Pain or Costa? Costa

Chalme or Mariano? Chalme

Baup or white? Baup

Denilson or Savio? Denilson

Darcheville or Feindouno? Darcheville

Laslandes or Cavenaghi? cavenaghi

Fernando or Diarra? Fernando

Zidane or Lizarazu? The god of chocolate.

Lescure or René Gallice? Lescure

Poko or Mazou? Poko

A message to the Girondin community on social networks?

Thank you to some for being yourself, for being there, even in virtual. You are precious to me, and let us all sing in honor of our Girondins for the others.

Thank you Stephanie Oh!

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26 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #26] Menehem02: “On the coronation day in Caen, the local OM fan club, with which we had followed this mano à mano for 9 months, had reserved an honor guard for me”

27 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #27] Tony: “I watch the fights with my family, with my two 7 month old children and my wife”

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34 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #34] Laurent Bellion: “Unacceptable to get on the field with this jersey and not give 100%”

35 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #35] Valentin Sauviac: “At Virage Sud, we all become brothers. Jumping into the arms of a guy you do not know when you score a goal … What could be more beautiful seriously?”

36 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #36] Vavasazzo: “My big brother told me that if you are not in Bordeaux, you are no longer my brother”

37 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #37] Clarisse: “I promoted the 2021/2022 jerseys and suddenly I have my head in the 2 stores”

38 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #38] BobbyScuit: “I’ve been a subscriber since I was 18. I needed permission to go to the stadium.

39 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #39] Protin: “I never knelt down in a stadium, but that day, on the left side of Virage Sud in Lescure, I did it”

40 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #40] Thibaud: “Regardless of the match, the competition, the weather, the circumstances, I went to the stadium”

41 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #41] SnakiLL: “I remain convinced that one day the circle will be complete, his fate is to end training the Girondins before the end of his career”

42 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #42] Anthony_M64: “The 1996 epic was the start of a real crush and love for this club”

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44 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #44] Manon: “Jules Koundé, he’s a player I saw growing up because he always faced my brother in football when he was younger, when he played at Landiras and after La Brède”

45 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #45] Clémence: “My grandfather went to get his newspaper and he made me read the articles about Girondins de Bordeaux”

46 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #46] Romiche33: “Marine et Blanc impressed me. During the match, I had my eyes riveted on the Bordeaux car park.

47 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #47] Marc: “To be honest I do not like football, I like the Girondins. I would always have more joy in front of a Bordeaux – Nancy than a Barcelona – Real”

48 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #48] Cyril FCGB: “As children we all identified with the Girondins, we all dreamed of wearing this jersey”

49 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #49] Charly: “My first matches at Lescure are unique, I like the old stadiums where you can feel the history”

50 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #50] Hagista: “The course of the Champions League in 2009-2010, the team was untouchable, we could have beaten anyone”

51 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #51] Marie: “A golden opportunity to be able to wear the Coupe de la Ligue out of sight thanks to the participation of several people. I lifted the League Cup ”

52 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #52] Ian-Walter Foote: “Turn in minutes to park behind Bordeaux 2 or towards Casino de Peychotte and arrive at the CHU roundabout, where it smelled of grilled onions”

53 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #53] Jé Rèm: “In my family, we support the Girondins from father to son”

54 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #54] Christo: “I was the FIRST to interview Zinédine Zidane when he arrived in Bordeaux!”

55 Girondins4Ever – [Paroles de supporters #55] Yohann_33000: “My passion came because I love the city and the history of the club”

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