Social dialogue leading up to an agreement before 1 May

Meetings between the social partners follow each other

The social partners are moving towards establishing firm agreements to discuss current issues, especially at each political start to discuss the directions for the budget proposals as well as in early spring to take stock before every 1 May.

The social partners more than ever on the same wavelength. Led by the Akhannouch government, the meetings follow each other to reach agreement before Labor Day. Trade union sources confirm in this sense that weekly meetings take place every week until the third week of April to reach agreement on the items on the agenda. The aim of the social partners is, above all, to institutionalize social dialogue.

It is in this sense that the Minister for Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Qualifications, Younes Sekkouri, reaffirmed that social dialogue was an indispensable mechanism for managing economic and social crises of Excellence. As chair of the meeting of the Private Sector Commission on Social Dialogue held with the most representative unions and the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), the government official then noted that social dialogue was not an end in itself. , but remained an indispensable mechanism. to deal with economic and social crises and to create the necessary conditions for economic and social development, as well as to strengthen the pillars of the social state. The same source pointed out that the round of social dialogue took place in a special context marked by national challenges, namely the implementation of the new development model (NMD), the result of broad national consultations considered as an example in construction. national consensus and the involvement of the various components of society to meet the challenges at both national and international level.

The Minister also stressed that the Prime Minister recently highlighted the Executive Board’s desire to draft a national pact, indicating that the government, through social dialogue, aims to establish a mechanism that demonstrates the quality of collective action that can strengthen the unity of society. Through this pact, the government strives to define the basic principles of this social dialogue and to introduce the rules for the mechanisms of the dialogue, while allowing the continuity of the said social dialogue for more visibility and better functioning beyond the regulation of working methods and strengthening cooperation between the government and its partners.

The social partners are thus moving towards establishing permanent appointments to debate current issues, especially at each political start to discuss the directions in the budget bills as well as in early spring to take stock before every 1 May. The debate will be chaired by thematic commissions, one with responsibility for the public sector under the supervision of the Supervisory Department and the other with regard to the private sector, always under the supervision of the Ministry of Supervision. These two commissions will then send their conclusions to a high national commission headed by the head of government and the leaders of the central unions and employers.


The government already has a first successful test in the field of education. The Prime Minister, Aziz Akhannouch, had in January last year overseen the signing ceremony of an agreement between the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports – and the five most representative educational federations within the framework of the sectoral social. dialog. Specifically, the agreement contains several measures in relation to the files on the dialogue table, in this case the revision of the current status of officials in the Ministry of Education and the creation of a motivating and comprehensive status, which includes all categories of the education system, the abolition of several priorities case files, namely cases from heads of education administration, orientation and education planning advisers, primary and secondary school teachers with responsibilities outside their cycle, teaching leaders with higher degrees or doctorates, it is stated in a press release from the head of the government department.


In February, the head of government chaired the signing ceremony of an agreement between the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and all the unions representing the sector. This agreement, which comes after several sectoral social dialogue meetings, crowned with compromises on the number of priority case files, was signed in the presence of the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khalid Aït Taleb, and the Minister Delegate responsible for Budget, Faouzi Lakjaâ, states a press release from the department of the head of government. The social dialogue between the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the most representative unions in the sector was crowned by agreement on several points, first and foremost the improvement of the situation of doctors by changing the index grid for this category so that it starts with index 509 with all its addition.

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