Tarn-et-Garonne: The farm refuge delivers 25 tons of aid to Poland and returns with ten dogs and cats from Ukraine

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Lisa Fernandez, president of the farm refuge “Les 3-Dindes”, takes stock of the humanitarian efforts in Poland for Ukrainian refugees and their pets. Back in France, the association Tarn-et-Garonne entrusted 6 dogs and 4 cats to specialized shelters. They will stay there for 6 months, due to rabies prevention, before they can be adopted.

“Alone we go faster, together we come further.” The association “Les 3-Dindes”, which runs an animal boarding farm in L’Honor-de-Cos, could not find a better motto to perform the actions it leads. Especially when one of these actions brings President Lisa Fernandez and a dozen volunteers very far from Tarn-et-Garonne for a week, on the roads of Germany and Poland … destination Krakow to deliver 25 tons of helping Ukrainian refugees and their pets .

A journey followed by the social media Brut

“We lived an extraordinary human adventure,” says Lisa Fernandez. A journey of six days and six nights followed by Brut, the French online media very popular with young people (this Monday the report had exceeded 400,000 views) … confirming that the fate of millions of refugees in this war in Ukraine was closely linked to dogs and the cats that were part of their family, which explains the number of animals, scared, sometimes injured, seen in the reports filmed in the anti-bombs and on the roads of exile. This situation has, of course, touched the heart of the farm refuge “Les 3-Dindes”. “We are not a humanitarian association, but we wanted to make our contribution to this great outpouring of solidarity for the Ukrainian people.”

It is therefore primarily medicine and first aid equipment for humans, but also food for cats, dogs and horses, that Lisa Fernandez and her team transported on board a semi that weighs heavily and a minibus. “We slept in the vehicles, we even got the idea of ​​the truck sucked off in a rest area,” but Lisa prefers to keep touching meetings, “like that of this Ukrainian driver who took his wife and children to refuge in Poland; transporting him medically equipment, but he is obliged to stay in his country because he can be mobilized by the Ukrainian army at any time. “

The dog Hubert renamed “Poppy” by the vet who took care of him in Montauban

In Krakow, the farm refuge team also met Hubert Dobrzanski, the founder of Fundacja Pso-TY in the Koty refuge. “He is a key figure in the process of rescuing Ukrainian animals that are victims of this war. He devotes his days and nights to transporting our collections to Ukraine and repatriating the animals to Poland, defying all dangers,” Lisa Fernandez confides admiringly. . Hubert’s shelter entrusted him with 6 dogs and 4 cats. “These are animals that had not been able to cross the border with their masters, as the latter have had to decide to leave them. At Honor-de-Cos, we do not have the structures to accommodate them. Due to the presence of rabies on Ukrainian territory, there is a major health protocol to be followed for six months.So when we returned to France, we entrusted these ten dogs and cats to specialized shelters, in the Paris region but also in Brax, in Lot-et- Garonne. “

Lisa Fernandez talks about “animals terrified of the chaos of war, some were rescued after fleeing bombed shelters”. After this quarantine, they will be able to find a new host family in France. One of the 6 dogs must stay in Montauban. “Our health veterinarian, Dr. Vasseur, fell in love with this dog, whom we had named Hubert, as a tribute to Mr. Dobrzanski. The vet renamed him Poppy. He will monitor him.”

Will other “Poppies” arrive, with or without their master, in the coming weeks and months? Is it possible. In L’Honor-de-Cos, the farm refuge is ready. “We are in contact with the DDCSPP (1) in the prefecture. If necessary, we will be there to support the animals from refugees who would arrive in Tarn-et-Garonne.”

(1) Departmental Directorate for Social Cohesion and Population Protection.

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