“The truth is, you’re a giant asshole”: what Pascaline should have said to her ex

No more accumulation of drafts and narrowly canceled vocals: What I should have said to my ex gives you a blank sheet to express what you dreamed of saying to your ex.

We often associate the breakup with anger, screams, blood, and tears that would seal a story that everyone is trying to get out of as quickly and unharmed as possible.

But when we received the first letters to your exes, anger was the great absence. But sometimes, we do not want to be friends, to wish the best, or to take a step back from the relationship. Sometimes you just want to tell your ex that he is an asshole. It is the choice of Pascaline who gives free rein to his anger.

What Pascaline should have said to her ex


I received your message in the midst of a health crisis. He made me blush and he almost made me cry.

I’m glad to see that you always allow yourself to impose your mood on me, when I chose to leave you more than 10 months ago and it cost me a lot in terms of emotions, mental strain … and above all in money.

Remember that while continuing your sweet CDI telling yourself that it was irrelevant to make me cry every week, I lost my job, my self-esteem, I left our home, I had to change city and live with each other when I just wanted to die.

Let me refresh your memory of the part you want to erase. Three years of relationship that I would describe as half fig half grape, ended with 6 months of hell. You tried to deceive me you humbled and humiliated me, and you denied all my attempts at dialogue.

When I decided to stop making do with your lies and just told you “I know you are cheating on me”, you turned me on the phone for the longest 60 minutes of my life. Do you remember what you told me? That I was just shit, I had no libido, I did not masturbate, I felt nothing.

Well no Alexander, unlike you I was and am alive. You would have known if you had not mobilized all your gray matter to deny your guilt at all costs.

In denial, as always, you returned to our apartment, empty of my presence, and regarded it as your fault. And besides, the fact that I fled on July 4 to escape your violence did not deprive me to pay 50% of the rent when your salary was three times higher than min.

Would not it have crossed your mind to pay for the entire dwelling you lived alone?

Instead of writing shit emails to me, you better take responsibility: give me all that money back and shut up forever (my bank details are attached).

You know, the crying email you sent me that can be summed up as “Oh sorry, but now I’m much better” was not written for me. You just wrote it for yourself to convince you that you have just lost control, but now you are doing well again.

You resume this practical and comfortable posture “I’m just a lost guy, it’s not my fault” .

And that’s a lie. The truth is, you’re a giant asshole.

You made a choice. You chose to destroy me instead of acknowledging problems and questioning yourself, or just DISCUSSING them. You were so mean to meeven today I can not remember any happy moment with you.

What were you hoping for? That I continue to deny what you have exposed me to and let you go “Thank you, I accept your apologies, sleep in peace, we’re having a cup of coffee during the pro week, I love you” ?


I do not care about your shit, poorly written emotional digressions.

And I remind you that I’ve never been your best friend. I have always played cards on the table. I wanted to have a romantic relationship with you, not be one of your 5 friends with that Branlito shit.

I wish you, without the slightest shame, a maximum of misfortune. For that I can count on life, which always ends up punishing the shit and above all on your ability to always make the wrong choices.

Disappear, I’m addressing all my hatred to you.


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