this CHOK proposal from Matthieu Delormeau to Géraldine Maillet and her husband …

Since the first TPMP, Cyril Hanouna and his team form a loving family. Matthieu Delormeau will break everything into 1000 pieces.

Drama on the set of TPMP!

After a long absence, Matthieu Delormeau agrees to resume his seat at TPMP. For his fans, it’s a true moment of euphoria. They were afraid that this time he would definitely turn his back on Cyril Hanouna.

Admittedly, it has been on before Secret story or the star academy on TNT often arouses anger. Object remembers his mythical quarrels with Gilles Verdez or the lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio. Confused, the latter does not hesitate to leave in full live. Summoned to explain the next day, the duo swings horrors in the face. Why so much hatred? But behind his sparkling eyes and his beautiful smile, he hides a terrible secret. And that pertains to one of his colleagues. Uh, what is it this time? Will he be able to tell him face to face what has bothered him for so many years?

After Baba …

How did Cyril Hanouna convince Matthieu Delormeau? The mystery remains intact. When we discover these old images, their complicity springs out of us. In the air, the columnist goes even further as he loves when the host for TPMP persuade him. Depending on “ protective arms from Lino and Bianca’s father he gives a beautiful statement to her … about love or friendship? Since the start of his show, the presenter has wanted to keep everything about his privacy a secret. After divorcing the mother of his children, he would have already found a replacement. Do not expect him to rock the song. On the other hand, he’s determined to know who’s making his teammates’ hearts beat faster, and he’s ready for anything. Thanks to his Pookie box, he tries to obtain crisp information.

Géraldine Maillet jumped on Matthieu Delormeau’s words of love and struck out. The one who presents TPMP people every Saturday afternoon is trapped. From the start, he played no role. And yes, he never hid his * tir * nce from men. So when she launches the challenge of imagining herself in the arms of a woman, it’s the thrill of the set for the C8. Who would deserve his services, even his devotion?

… This columnist in Matthieu Delormeau’s sights

Matthieu Delormeau does not go with the back of the spoon. Too bad he’s disturbing his BFF Delphine Wespiser. Rest assured that the former Miss France does not need him to be happy as Roger fills her with happiness. Back to the topic. Instead of quoting an absentee from C8 or a competitor, he will pick one from the audience. ” For once, there are only beautiful women, but my style is Géraldine. She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s slim“.

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) geraldinemaillet

In this article, Object told you that the latter had a different life before TPMP. First and foremost, she parades for the greatest fashion designers. Then she starts comedy. Motivated, she continues to film. After debut with the bandAB Productions in first kiss, she almost gave the answer to the most ingenious and famous of secret agents! This shows the extent of his talent!

And you, what do you think about the choice of Matthieu Delormeau? Is it interested or just free? Will he change his taste in romance? Since Géraldine Maillet did not know what to answer to such an invitation and more, Géraldine Maillet would have said to be more careful.

Never two without three!

In a relationship with a sports journalist who often comes to make his opinion known about football TPMPshe was unaware that her Daniel Riolo would be included in this announcement ” So we can put your husband there too ! Instead of reacting, the columnist blushed and then smiled. Does she take it at face value, or will she give him a firing? The mystery remains intact. Damn … If he did not exist, you can be sureObject would invent it!

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