Valérie Bacot, a battered woman, tried to kill her husband

IThe attacks in Saône-et-Loire began on Monday, June 21, the trial of Valérie Bacot, often presented as the “new Jacqueline Sauvage”, for the murder of her pimp husband who raped her since she was 12 years old. Ocher scarf on a black jacket, the accused did not comment on her arrival at the Chalon-sur-Saône courthouse, visibly very impressed with the crowd of journalists surrounding her. She appears free after being placed under judicial supervision at the end of 2018.

Valérie Bacot thus told of the grip that her violent ex-stepfather had, who had become her husband and pimp, on Monday, on the first day of his trial, for having killed him with a bullet in the neck. “In the beginning, I was happy for him to come back,” Valérie Bacot recalls when asked about this amazing year 1997, when her stepfather returned to the family home on his release from prison, where he had nevertheless been imprisoned for have raped his then 12-year-old stepdaughter.

“I always did what he said to me”

“He had told my mother he would not do more, the defendant adds. But it started again. “For more than two hours, this fragile woman, who is regularly shaken by the sob, then tells her ‘extreme hell.’ keep my child. I had none. Where could I go? , She says to explain why, against all odds, she decides to follow her rapist when he offers her to settle down as a couple.

“I always wanted to have children and that they should have a father,” says Valérie Bacot, who herself suffered from an absent father. “So it had to be.” “Out of love?” Asks the president of the court, Céline Therme. “I have always done what he said to me,” the accused can only answer. “He always found something. He could not bear to hear the children cry or have them in their paws. I did everything to keep them calm, but it’s complicated. »

“First it hit, then it kicked, hit, and he strangled me. Over time, there have been threats with the weapon [un pistolet avec lequel Valérie Bacot tuera son mari, Daniel Polette, NDLR]. He put it on my head and said to me: “Next time I will not miss you”, the accused continues in crying gasps and remembers that “above all you must not, you must not shout because otherwise it is even worse”.

“I wanted to save her”

She will go so far as to marry her executioner because her four children “asked why they were not named the same as me”. Two of them, and her daughter’s boyfriend, have already been given six months probation in 2019 for helping their mother hide the body.

Obeying is also the case when her husband tells her that she, this “good for nothing”, her only solution to “bring money back” would be to prostitute herself. The husband arranges the family minivan and offers his wife there for passage of 20 to 50 euros along the secondary road.

In a cardboard box that seals the rear window, a hole was made so that “Dany” could see and above all check if she was doing “the right thing”. Otherwise, he would throw her “instructions” through the headphones she had to keep. But on Sunday, March 13, 2016, Dany informs her that tonight she wants this “gross” that even he is afraid of and that he will have to do “something special”. “I was sick. There was blood. Everything I had experienced came back suddenly,” she says, explaining why she grabbed her husband’s gun, hid it in the vehicle, and shot him in the neck.

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“But this gun, was it you who came with it?” », Corrects the President. “I was scared of the client,” Mrs. Bacot replies. “And possibly to use it against Daniel Polette?” “, Asks the president. The defendant then tells of “the great fear” she had, the same Sunday, when her daughter Karline, 14, confessed to her that her father had asked her how she was “sexually”.

“I wanted to save her,” says Valérie Bacot. “There was no other solution?”, The president dares. “I do not know. I’m still looking for that, the solution. The trial is scheduled for Friday.

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