Woman reveals her secret suicide pact with her dying husband

A woman’s husband has recently been diagnosed with cancer, and the treatment has made him remember the wedding vows she made all that time ago.

In her promises, she shared a special secret that no one else, not even her husband, understood. And now, as her husband prepares to die, she now plans to follow up on the painful wish.

The woman vowed to take her own life when her husband died.

On “r / TrueOffMyChest” subreddit, Redditors have a safe space where they are allowed to get what they want, “from the chest” just to have a place to share their thoughts and feelings.

“A place to get rid of your personal belongings. Not for opinions, not for relationship counseling and not for preaching, “explains the section About in subreddit.” A place for people who need to express themselves. “

This Redditor’s husband may succumb to the cancer he suffers from, and as such, she revealed that she plans to take him with him if he goes.

“I told him in the wedding vows that I wrote that my heart will be with him no matter where he goes,” she begins. “It’s not just words that play well for wedding guests. I have always taken my promises seriously.

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