7 podcasts about love to listen to

Because it is this intimate feeling that we appreciate discovering with others as much as alone, love has quickly become a favorite topic in podcasts. Namely, these sound recordings have in their time known, especially after the #MeToo revolution, to establish themselves as a privileged medium to engage in true reflections on love, as a feeling shaped by our social constructions and our cultural environment. Between information and entertainment, intimacy and politicization, love is discussed more than ever today. And it feels good. While Valentine’s Day reactivates all the talk about it, here’s a selection of sore and hard hitting podcasts to listen to in your headphones.

7 podcasts for lovers to listen to

The heart on the table

It is one of the most famous of its kind. Lean in the way we love today, The heart on the table is an engaging podcast hosted by Victory Tuaillon since 2017. Here, the mechanisms of love are examined through testimony and in-depth analyzes. From relationships like ideal love to the myth of romantic love and stereotypes associated with celibacy, the feminist journalist suggests the way our relationships are rooted in domination relationships, ranging from the culture of rape to sexual violence. And along the way, she tackles the notions of consent, toxic masculinity, and even mental strain. Something to deconstruct and rethink the contours of love in its most positive aspects, such as Victory Tuaillon like to say it. And according to the 600,000 listeners loyal to each of her episodes, available in a book published by Binge Audio Éditions, she is far from the only one who believes in this “great revolution”.

The heart on the table / Binge Audio

Love story

“The beauty of love is that. Coincidence makes you meet someone.” said Agnes Varda, Jacques Demy by his side, about happiness in the program Demon and the Wonder of the Cinema in 1964. In his podcast Love story, Alice Deroide tells us about these encounters, those of celebrities. Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, Francoise Hardy and Jacques Dutroncthat Prince Harry and Meghan Markleor Beyonce and Jay Z… The journalist whispers the romantic, tortured or impossible passions that have hit the headlines. From the political scene to literary or mythological figures, including iconic film couples like Rose and Jack in titanic, each story is a portrait of a couple who have loved each other. We glide through their experiences, their letters, their shouts or their whispers until we discover the heart of these incredible stories, whether they are made of poetry for Louis Aragon and Elsa Trioletinspiration for Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitzor even invisibility for Camille Claudel and her lover Auguste Rodin… Where to start is up to you!

the sorrows of love

Because in love stories there are also heartaches, the sorrows of love invites people, anonymous or not, to explain how they went through these moments of life, and especially how they got over them. “It’s a bit like a support group in your ears,” he explains Marie Goillier, its creator. For this Franco-Quebecer, emotional breakdowns are so complex and rich that it is important to talk about them and listen to them. Laura remembers, for example, how her breakup with her first love gave her the impetus to meet new people and enrich her social relationships. Lisa talks to us about the rituals she forced herself to introduce so as not to sink after a breakup that happened abroad. As for Celine, she feels both light and lost after coming out of a long relationship with a toxic partner. Far from being too tearful, as the name might suggest, this podcast ultimately shares excerpts from experiences, excerpts from emotions, even laughter. And that’s good for morale.

Great love

At the age of 82, Marguerite is reunited with her first love. The two lovers experience a passion as intense as it is delicious. And Marguerite talks about it with his bestie nieces, one of whom is also looking for his soulmate. Like her, we allow ourselves to go into her inner self, her intimacy, to listen to what will be a truly beautiful love story. We ignore the echoes from the television, which resonate in the background, and we are carried away by Marguerite’s voice. A cheerful and familiar voice. Finally, the emotions are very naturally accompanied by smiles. Here are the questions about the entourage, about physical attraction, but also about the feeling of love intertwined with sweetness and laughter. With great love, Mathilde Guermonprez book for Art Radio a documentary about life and love that has no age.

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