Alina reveals her relationship status with Caleb after the show

Reality star Alina Kozhevnikova, who was fired 90 day fiancé: Before 90 days due to old racist messages, revealed how it affects his relationship with Caleb Greenwood. Russian woman Alina and Arizona man Caleb lost touch after becoming friends on Facebook as teenagers, only to reconnect on Tinder 13 years later. Alina, the first little person in 90 days engaged franchise, got praise for her sorted personality in her early days, but things started to change when she and Caleb flew to Turkey. Not only did Alina seem pushy with Caleb, which gave her some criticism, but recurring posts from her Facebook and Instagram accounts also showed that she used the N-word and made other offensive comments.

When Alina’s first post, where she used the N-word, appeared, she claimed it was Photoshop. But soon enough, fans discovered posts where she made fun of the Muslim community, Asians, and one where the insult was used seven times. After fans began criticizing the network, TLC removed Alina and stopped filming. Caleb’s fate continues 90 days engagedhowever, remained unclear. To make sure Alina and Caleb’s story no longer appears on 90 day fiancé: Before 90 daysfans saw the end of their romance on Before 90 days Episode 9 itself. Caleb had begun to doubt Alina because she was hiding her relationship with an ex-boyfriend for him. Caleb was also honest about how insecure she was ready to date a partner with a disability when their trip to Turkey was over.

The final scene between Caleb and Alina hinted that it was all over between them, but nonetheless felt like a cliffhanger. Confused fans seem to have been asking Alina about it since she asked about Caleb on her latest YouTube AMA. “I understand where you’re coming fromAlina told the tab revealingly: “Let me put it this way … we’re still talking.Alina said she and Caleb are still friends. “He supports me and he supports me in some ways”Alina added about her former romantic interest.

Alina, however, admitted that they do not talk as much as before. She agreed that before anything happened, she was exploring a romantic relationship with Caleb, and there was “romantic intentionsin their conversation. “Now it’s just like [a] kind of friends“, Confessed Alina. She said she really cares about Caleb and thinks “only good things” about him. “Except he’s so clumsy“, she joked. Alina thinks it was worth it to be safe 90 days engagedeven with the huge criticism that came to her because she began to realize “much about racism“Learning about interrupt culture caused her to develop thicker skin and gave her much more confidence as she began to deal with negative feedback.

Alina also told fans about her friendship with Elijah, who performed with her on 90 day fiancé: Before 90 days. Alina still lives with Elijah and nothing has changed between them. Meanwhile, Caleb recently posted a recurring photo of him, Elijah and Alina from their Turkey adventure, which is his favorite. Caleb mentioned that some 90 days engaged viewers continue to send a message to her as they are surprised that her story with Alina ends the way it did. The heart emoji Alina left on Caleb’s Instagram post raised some eyebrows. But it is safe to say that she has grown away from him as she continues to seek fan redemption.

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