ElondIn or Facemusk and other great news from a perfect world

On March 15, it was all over. We were on the verge of nuclear war, people were queuing up to get iodine tablets to fight radiation from a possible Putin attack, we suddenly thought it was super cool to have a fallout instead of a wine cellar, we checked the expiration dates of the cans with tuna and the PQ bought during the pandemic, and we realized there was no expiration date on the PQ – yes, yes, I checked – and so yesterday everything changed. The marvelous world of the financial world has taken over and sent geopolitics back to its studies and sold the bear’s skin before killing it.

The sound of 29. March 2022

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Top of the world!

If Europe is still in doubt, the United States, not at all. Since they sent their president to make his protest march in Poland and provoke Putin from the other side of the border, nothing can stop them. We have the impression that at the beginning of every war, the Ricans are at the TOP OF THEIR GAMES and that nothing can stop them. And then, 12 years later and a mountain of dead soldiers after, they come home with their tails between their legs and march in protest to say they should never have interfered, and it’s still cooler to go to a baseball game with the family than to pick up a bad American flag folded in four as a souvenir.

The fact is that yesterday the Europeans hesitated all day by tuning in to “Radio Ukraine”, they went up when we started talking about peace, Zelensky made movements in the direction of Putin and then we went down when we heard that it was still fighting around kyiv. In the end, the day was good, but we could have done better if it had not been for the noise from boots in the Kyiv region.

The party in the village

In turn, in the United States, it was a party in the village because the Russians are in the process of revising their demands downward. It was a party in the village because everyone is going back to growth stocks, because the economy will slow down due to the rate hikes, while everyone imagines that 50bp is for the month of May and that if you therefore want growth, you have to go into growth stocks – it’s a bit the opposite of what we did in January, because when you were expecting a rate hike, you should not buy companies that are not yet making enough money and are not paying dividends, but once we have “integrated” it the fact that rates will rise is not the same. It’s not the same because it’s different. And then there was finally a party in the village because the oil is falling again and because the market is “pricing” that the war should end. We’re still a long way from the $ 89 we were in February. But still, $ 104.50 oil is still better than a $ 200 barrel, as predicted by all the investment and finance stars 10 days ago.

In short, technically it is impressive and it seems that the world stock markets have practiced voodoo to read the future and already know that the war will end, that inflation will fall, that the Fed will raise interest rates just as we should and that the reversal of the yield curve, we do not care about our first little apple-banana pot, which we ate on grandma’s lap when we were 14 months old. The only thing missing is the music and the smell of cotton candy and toasted almonds, and it feels like Disneyland.

The return of technical revenge

Suddenly, all the technology has become popular again and the results for the last 14 days have become impressive. There is no other word.

Apple: 10 consecutive days of increases by announcing a reduction in production of certain iPhones – 17% increase since March 15.

Tesla: 100 billion market value in one day due to a split announced for the month of October. 45% increase since March 15 and 8% just yesterday. Still, there is nothing new at Tesla and their Giga factory is still closed in Shanghai, but who cares !!!! WE WILL PLEASE IT ABOUT IT because at the end, in October, in 7 months we will accept a split at the general meeting and that is value creation !!!! And that’s not all! That’s not all because MEMES is back !!!

AMC, GME, Bed Bath and Beyond .. The return (also)

It’s crazy again at Reddit, Wallstreebet, YOLO and others … The CEO of AMC announces that he will make more investments to improve the performance of the shareholders … the title takes 45% and the gold mine they bought for two months since, taking 81% yesterday. Basically, you bought AMC because they run cinemas, and after COVID-19, maybe there was something to play, and you end up with a CEO who thinks he’s a hybrid of Steve Cohen and Bill Ackman, and who instead, take part in everything that comes to hand. of managing his stock of popcorn and Coke Zero.

And in the meantime

Meanwhile, inflation is still a problem, the Fed is getting more and more hawkish, it’s still war in Ukraine, China is still in lockdown because of Covid, but the guys are hot on the SAME stocks … and the Academy of Oscars is opening a investigation because Will Smith beat Chris Rock …


The guy freaked out because we were making fun of his wife’s face in public, he was going on stage, he was beating her. It’s not because he drew a gun and stabbed a bullet in each knee – we see that we do not all have the same problems at the moment – at least … The craziest thing is that Will succeeded Smith to make Ukraine forget for 24 hours …


This morning, Asia is up, except for China. We can say that China is going down because of COVID, even though we know that COVID is no longer an excuse to bring the markets down for a long time. But for the moment, the only good reason to sell the war in Ukraine, which (at the moment) seems to be getting better, we tell ourselves that it can only be because of COVID, knowing that China did not invade Taiwan. Well, not yet. We save it for “Sell in May and go away”.

Oil is falling, and it’s making everyone happy except the guys who rushed to CNBC two weeks ago to announce $ 200 targets – right, Mr Andurand? – currently the WTI is at $ 104.50, gold is no longer of any use and is trading at $ 1921. And Bitcoin is about to break $ 48,000 as more and more people are convinced that cryptocurrencies are the future and that in the end it is Ether that wins and many other strange names as well.

Today’s news

On the share buyback side, Biden tries to limit share buybacks by limiting the sale approved to management after this type of event, but the market is completely plastered by Biden’s law. and by Biden himself … And so, finally the inversion of the yield curve happened, but not the one expected. We were expecting the 2-year-old who exceeded the 10-year-olds, but it was the 5-year-old who exceeded the 30-year-old. It’s less glamorous, but let’s say the next ones to pass it on should be them, as the spread is only 7 points.

This morning, Futures are up – a bit – Asia is in the green everywhere, Europe should offset its fears over Ukraine yesterday with a rise this morning. And Musk is considering launching its own social network.

The good news is that when you’re a multi-billionaire and you’re not for yachts or vintage cars, you’re setting up your own social network. The good thing is that after 18 years with Facebook, 20 years with LinkedIn, 16 years with Twitter and 11 years with this shitty Snapchat, we obviously have not yet understood it, except to make ourselves a little more stupid every day and cut ourselves a a little more from reality every minute, it’s absolutely useless (for us), on the other hand for “them”, it’s something else as they know exactly what we buy, what we eat and what we drink (just to talk about it ). In short, Musk must obviously be deeply bored to want to create a new social network … Then suddenly the tension is unbearable: ElondIn or Facemusk ????

Today’s numbers

By the way, Musk has COVID again, Macron is still in the lead and is unfortunately re-elected, Bolsonaro was admitted during his campaign, which he will lose, Will Smith apologizes for showing violence during the Oscars – we wonder if he has looked knows his filmography well – and then we follow the peace talks that are progressing, just to see if we have anticipated the markets well or not.

On the talk side, there will be JOLTS and consumer confidence in the US, and tomorrow will be another day. The big question is whether Apple will investigate an eleventh rising session and whether Tesla can further increase its market value by 200 billion by announcing that it has sold 12 cars alone within the last hour.

Have a good day and be strong! I’ll see you tomorrow !

Thomas Veillet

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. – John Lennon

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