Facilitation of housing to improve the quality of life in the workplace

The social service of the Œuvre de la Croix Saint-Simon Foundation, created in September As part of the plan for prevention and improvement of working conditions, 2020 has developed a collaboration with Action Logement. Eighteen months after establishment, the results are more than positive.

“Out of an active file of 300 employees, 80% of the inquiries sent to the fund’s social services relate to housing”, says Bouchra Friouchen, social worker for employees of the Œuvre de la Croix Saint-Simon Foundation. Faced with this observation, the institution’s social services have developed a collaboration with Action Logement (1), which has appointed a rapporteur to carry out substantive work and carry out weekly follow-up on the files of the affected employees in collaboration with Bouchra Friouchen. This valuable commitment made it possible to prepare an extremely positive initial assessment in December 2021 for almost 30 employees: 8 permanent homes in public housing, 4 intermediate rehousings, 5 temporary homes, 4 homeowner loans – at the reduced rate of 0.5% – on 40,000 euros each and a grant of 10,000 euros granted to a first-time buyer. Finally, the VISALE guarantee (Visa for Housing and Employment), given by Action Logement to guarantee payment of rent and rental expenses to the owner in case of default, benefited 3 employees.

In total, more than 400,000 euros have been allocated by Action Logement, with the fund’s contribution amounting to 150,000 euros within the framework of the system introduced by the state.

The values ​​of the foundation at the heart of social service

Thanks to our efforts, we avoided two evictions due to unpaid rent. Everyday life is difficult for some of our professionals – I am thinking, for example, of single parents. But everyone shows incredible dedication to the users and great courage despite their personal difficulties. It is our duty to help them “, The social worker continues.

A partnership has also been developed with Humanis to help newly recruited professionals, sometimes from other regions, find housing close to their workplace. Of the five requests under this system, two have been completed and three are being processed. “Once the housing issue is resolved, the quality of life in the workplace improves significantly. The essence of our action is to take care of all the people we support in the various structures. The search for this quality of support and the benevolence that characterizes each of our actions are values ​​shared by the social service. », Emphasizes Bouchra Friouchen.

New partnerships

The excellence of these results can also be explained by the quality of communication and the professionalism of the social services. To publicize the assistance provided, Bouchra Friouchen regularly arranges information meetings with the spokesperson of Action Logement and prepares – sometimes urgently – cases concerning common law measures, such as the Opposable Right to Housing (DALO), for example. “Action Logement has a service dedicated to priority people, which is the case for those who belong to DALO. I provide as much information as possible upstream to facilitate identification of a solution. We submitted 12 DALO files and all employees those concerned have been recognized priorities. Another of our missions is to support those who are in digital precariousness for dematerialized procedures ”,indicates Bouchra Friouchen.

While the fund’s social service expects the system developed by Action Logement to pick up speed, it also plans to enter into new partnerships to respond to other issues such as rent debt, over-occupancy of certain flats, the fight against eviction or rising energy prices..The feeling of service to others who are dear to the foundation takes on new dimensions here.

1 – The purpose of Action Logement, a key player in social and intermediate housing, is to facilitate access to housing to promote employment. Employers with 50 or more employees pay each year the Employers’ Contribution to the Construction Initiative (PEEC), also called the 1% housing scheme. This investment is paid directly into employee housing.

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