In the midst of the trial, one of the victims of Outreau’s assassination attempt recognizes

I wanted to kill them“: to everyone’s surprise, Chérif Delay, one of the victims of the Outreau case, admitted on Monday, March 28, during his domestic violence trial, facts that were far more serious than those for which he was prosecuted and which could result in in that he was referred to an assistant court.

However, it was during a classic hearing on the immediate appearance of Versailles’ criminal court that this 32-year-old man was to be brought to justice. Serious face, dressed in a FC Barcelona tracksuit top, he appeared for offenses of repeated domestic violence. Two former accomplices condemned psychological pressure, stabbing, extortion and regular violence by this former child victim, who was raped and abused by her mother and stepfather, Myriam Badaoui and Thierry Delay. The consequences are profound: he has navigated between a stay in a psychiatric hospital and periods in prison – he has already been convicted 14 times since 2008. “I know I’m not just going to take a year (in jail, editor’s note) today”He launched in a prophetic tone at the start of the hearing.

Weapon threat

It was first Juliette, 28, who came to tell her ordeal at the helm. “I felt I deserved it, he made me think I was a whore and beat me because I deserved it“, she explains with tears. One night he goes so far as to threaten her with a gun. From his box, Chérif Delay admits to having owned a weapon -“I had things from my past to settle in the Nordics– but rejects the threats. Before, little by little, to reconsider his views. “She must have seen her life blink before her eyes, I can not apologize“, he explains.”She was in front of someone who was her executioner. She almost lost her life”, He adds to the surprise of his lawyer and the court. A few minutes later he admits:There were two bullets, one for her and one for me“.”I do not like women, I have a problem with that. I assume my violent side“, He unfolds, seeming to refuse to blame his past as a victim. “I’m not responsible for who I am, but I am responsible for what I do“.

They toasted»

It is the first time in my 35-year career that I have witnessed a confession from a defendant of an intent to commit murder in the middle of a hearing. The case is extremely serious. Basically, my client was Milya’s first complaint of attempted murder.“Responded to AFP, the lawyer for the civil parties, Me Nathalie Tomasini. From his box, Chérif Delay shared his “hatred of society, justice, the police“.”It was my comrades who toasted“, he admits.”I felt like I was her outlet“Confirms the other complainant, Milya, 20, at the bar. “When he hit me, I said to myself as long as he kills me this time to get it over with“, she says. During an argument, she was stabbed in the thigh.”I wanted to kill them, I knew what I wanted to do“, Comments Chérif Delay and still refuses to find excuses.

Do not say it to please me“, Warns the presiding judge, reminding him of the seriousness of his confession. “I assume“Answers the accused. The court therefore declared itself incompetent to assess these matters and requested that an investigating judge be seized for further investigations. If Cherif Delay were to be returned to assizes for attempted murder by his spouse, he would risk his life for this crime. “The factual elements of the case go rather into the replacement task, the stabbing took place at the bottom of the thigh“, His lawyer, Me Yves Monerris, told AFP at the end of the hearing. “It will require in-depth examinations to assess in particular the mental state he was in at the time of the hearing.“, he said.

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