Jennifer Gianni: “I never had to choose between my career and my family”

It was in 1977 that the United Nations officially recognized March 8 as International Women’s Day. For four years, Le Petit Journal New York has been extending this day dedicated to women and women’s rights throughout the month of March. This year, our new Florida edition joins us.

During this March, 2022, many French-speaking women from New York, Florida, and more broadly from the United States will be honored in our columns with the support of the auditing firm Orbiss, co-founded by a wife, Laurence Ruiz.

Today we have an agreement with Jennifer Gianni. She has had a brilliant career in Human Resources for more than twenty years. She is a woman who is supported and encouraged by her husband, who should never choose between her career and her family. Both are the cornerstones of his life. Meeting with the French-American Jennifer Gianni.

Jennifer Gianni

A rich professional adventure

Jennifer Gianni was born in Minneapolis to French expatriate parents. my parents gave me a very popular American name at the time “. A year later, the family returned to France and settled in the Paris region, where Jennifer grew up and pursued brilliant studies, albeit with a stab in the heart, having an American first name and speaking English. as we speak in France “After literary preparatory classes, a license and a master’s degree in philosophy obtained at La Sorbonne, she began in Science Po Paris” in Communication and Human Resources, and I graduated in 1997 “.

The young candidate, Jennifer Gianni, has the opportunity to quench one of her thirst: finally to become bilingual. Her future husband accepts a great professional opportunity in Dallas, Texas; the young couple flew to the United States. ” I very quickly found a job in a French-Italian company STMicroelectronics, I started as an employee, “. In this company, which generates more than a billion in revenue, Jennifer, despite being a graduate of Science Po, finds herself archiving files,” the diploma was not recognized at the time I got a very small job in HR, it was a lesson in humility. I often talk about it to my children and explain to them that it is important to prove oneself, to seize the opportunities that come to you, she explains.

This little job is actually the springboard to a brilliant career that will write Jennifer Gianni. Very soon she is offered a promotion to a position as a College recruiter in Phoenix. Then responsible for international mobility for the Americas region. ” I was lucky never to have to choose between my career and my family life, and to have always had my husband by my side, who always supported me and who always knew how important he was to me. Have a career “.

It is thanks to a tacit pact, signed by their love and their mutual respect, that the couple will grow together, develop professionally. They will follow each other, according to the other’s progress, his personal development. Each of them will, over the decades, make concessions to the other with, at the center of their adventure, between Europe and the United States, this indestructible rock. Holy. Their family. Always with enormous pride in what the other has accomplished. An enormous pride for their three children, who also grew up between two continents.

I followed my husband from Paris to Dallas, then he followed me from Dallas to Phoenix, then I followed him to Paris “. Jennifer managed to get a transfer from STElectronics in France,” I came to the company based in Paris “. Then her husband took up his duties in Lille. In the capital of Hauts-de-France, Jennifer Gianni was recruited by ARC International, a company of 19,000 people, where she quickly joined the group’s transformation team as communications and human resources manager.” An exhausting position, but a real springboard in my career“, she admits. After two years, he was offered an international HR position in Dubai, but the crisis of 2008 finally interrupted this big project, which in addition to a professional project was to be a family adventure. It was another posting in sight. Either way, the family imagines another destination!

We decided together with Francis (her husband, editor’s note) to live a rather wonderful experience, I took a sabbatical and I took our three children to live in Wisconsin. Since I had worked like a madman the previous two years and had not seen my children much, I thought that was the way to reconnect and give them the international experience. “.

The family at the center of everything

With one child born in Phoenix, another in Paris, then one last in Lille, here is part of the family on their way to the United States. Her husband stays in Lille. ” He came to spend all the school holidays with us, as well as every other weekend, ”Jennifer smiles,“ Little Paris, Paris-Chicago, then he took a bus from Chicago to Milwaukee. He arrived on Friday night, stayed with us on Saturday and left on Sunday at It was an absolutely exhausting year for him, but an extraordinary year for our family. Jennifer uses her final free time to take care of 100% of her children and becomes a Pilates teacher.

Back in France, Jennifer Gianni returns to ARC International and is named Corporate VP Talent and Development, another exciting step in Jennifer’s career before she was pushed to become HRD International at Mécaplast in Monaco.

Another step for the family. This time it is her husband who lives with their three children and Jennifer who travels back and forth between Monaco and the north of France – in addition to the many international professional trips that are her responsibility. Before her husband took over the reins at an international school in Monaco.

After business, Jennifer decides to set foot in entrepreneurship “ I set up my HR strategy consulting firm and I worked with CEOs, I worked with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, I performed missions for several companies for more than two years “. Another exciting step before repackaging.” We’re on the go she said jokingly. Her husband was appointed director of FASNY in New York, and the family returned to live in the United States.

In the city that never sleeps, Jennifer is very quickly recruited by a startup specializing in change management. There, the French-American works on projects on culture change, organizational change, digital transformation, leadership … And works with large companies such as L’Oréal or Estée Lauder. After two years, Jennifer was fired again and became HR director of Inter Parfum, a New York-based company – also present in Europe and Asia – which distributes licenses to major perfume brands such as Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Guess, Oscar de la Renta , Ferragamo … ” I am the group’s new HRD, with a lot of work, many projects and a lot of passion. explains Jennifer Gianni.

At the center of Jennifer Gianni’s life is Francis, her husband and their three children, now 22, 18 and 16 years old. ” It is that which does not move, that which is sacred and imperishable, on the other hand, everything around it can move. That is what allowed us to pay attention to each other. We want to move forward together and we want to make sure everyone is involved. I have taken care of foreigners a lot in my work, I have seen families who have followed their spouse, their husband, their wife, but if the family is not left behind and it is not looked after, a posted person can not go, “Sorry Jennifer Gianni,” and it’s not only in a posting, it’s also in a career and a professional life, if one is left out, there are frustrations and one can not flourish “.

In life, there is the chance we give ourselves, the opportunities we create, go and open doors, sometimes agreeing to take a step back to take ten ahead. “Finishes Jennifer Gianni.

A philosophy of life, the life she and her husband have created, together and for their respective careers. In sharing, respect and pride over the other.

By Rachel Brunett

“Month of Women” 2022 is supported by the auditing firm Orbiss


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