Marine Le Pen’s Social Fraud by Lucas Sarafian

In this new phase of its trivialization, Marine Le Pen has only one word in its mouth: purchasing power. “I will do everything in my power to restore purchasing power to all French people.” “I will return between 150 and 200 euros a month and per household.” ‘I would like to give their money back to the French. »

The candidate for the National Rally speaks almost exclusively, at least in appearance, only about it. Almost pushed his party’s old antiphons into the background of national priority (or preference), French identity, uncontrolled immigration, and “depopulation” or the end of jus soli. Has the historical music of the extreme right changed? The choice from the autumn to focus its campaign on purchasing power has in any case proved to be effective. The daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, a time threatened by Éric Zemmour, is far ahead of him in the polls, which qualifies her for the second round against Emmanuel Macron.

Abolition of the audiovisual license fee, reduction of VAT on energy from 20% to 5.5%, abolition of income tax for those under 30 … These are some of the proposals that Marine makes to Le Pen to wear the costume as “the people candidate “. However, its flagship initiatives, designed in different variations according to its media interventions, consist of “allow companies to increase wages by 10% by exempting them from employer contributions (for wages up to 3 times the minimum wage)”according to the wording written in black and white in its “22 measures for 2022”.

Haro about the “accusations”

“It’s window dressingresponds an economist who wishes to remain anonymous (1), member of the collective of “heterodox” researchers of Economists appalled. There is no kind of quid pro quo. This proposal is not binding on companies. » In addition, by targeting “salary up to 3 times the minimum wage”suggests it, according to the economist, “a” display “measure that, in fact, targets high wages as much as the middle class and those who receive the minimum wage”.

Reducing social security contributions reduces collective solidarity.

“But she is not the only one proposing this: Valérie Pécresse is moving forward and Emmanuel Macron is proposing a similar measure”, notes Henri Sterdyniak, economist at the French Observatory for Economic Affairs (OFCE) and co-founder of the Economists Terrified. The Republican candidate plans to increase salaries below 2,800 euros net per month by 10% over five years, “thanks to a policy of lowering costs and streamlining standards”. As for the President of the Republic, he proposes to triple the bonus of 1,000 euros, which bears his name, without fee or tax. This bonus “zero load” had already been deferred, to the nearest amount, by Éric Zemmour. The same philosophy makes the other right-wing extremist candidate promise to lower the rate of the general social contribution (CSG) on all salaries below 2,000 euros net per month.

These different goals are part of the same stream of thought. “The tradition of right and liberalism is to believe that everything would be better if there were no social contributions”, explains Henri Sterdyniak. A clear neoliberal doctrine, according to Anne Eydoux, associate professor at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Cnam), also a member of the Terrified Economists: confidence in incentives, as if lowering labor costs was enough for employers to adopt the behavior that the government wanted. »

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