“More social, ecological and democratic justice” by voting Anne Hidalgo PS candidate

From Monday 21 March to Thursday 7 April, France Bleu Armorique will receive presidential candidates or their supporters in Brittany. Guest of Tuesday, March 29, Béatrice Hakni-Robin spokeswoman for the Federation of the Socialist Party of Ille-et-Vilaine, supported by Anne Hidalgo.

We are voting on April 10 for the first round of the presidential election. Before this election, France Bleu Armorique gives the floor to the candidates or their supporters in Brittany.

This Tuesday, March 29, we are talking about the campaign fora socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo with Béatrice Hakni-Robin, spokeswoman for the Ille-et-Vilaine PS Federation.

In her program, Anne Hidalgo says she wants to “change the future”. What does it mean? What is his priority in this program?

Beatrice Hakni-Robin: “So changing our future already means getting out of a republic that has weakened the connection with the French and the French. A republic that has been very vertical, very self-centered, and where we need to find more social justice, more ecological, climate, democratic justice. So here are the three main challenges for our graduate Anne Hidalgo, with key measures, especially on purchasing power“.

What would Anne Hidalgo do when, for example, she was chosen for purchasing power?

Beatrice Hakni-Robin: Purchasing power is already working on the issue the increase in salaries and in particular SMIC of +15%, which is 200 euros net per month in addition, it also means offering a housing shield to prevent French women and men from spending more than a third of their income on housing. It’s Talso work on the energy issue. Our candidate proposed a reduction of VAT to 5.5% on energy, but also on fuel. We completely assume both of these ecological and climatic challenges, but which are ultimately long-term trends that need to be supported to enable people to get out of this carbon economy as well. This goes through support for the acquisition of electric cars, support that can take the form of renting / buying vehicles at very reasonable prices, so that this transition is possible for all our fellow citizens. For all those who need a vehicle to go to work every morning or to go to shops or in their daily activities. That’s a first thing. But the price is urgent. Energy costs for French men and women. And there, faced with this urgency, we must propose strong measures. And the strong measure is the reduction of VAT to 5.5% “.

A reaction to Ma France 2022, the great France Bleu consultation with France 3 to develop a citizens’ agenda for the presidential election. It resulted in 12 priorities, and the first of these priorities is a request for the honor of elected officials, the end of their benefits, and even some asking for a clean criminal record to be elected in France. What does your candidate Anne Hidalgo respond to this?

Beatrice Hakni-Robin: “I think Anne Hidalgo shares this idea of ​​an exemplary republic, which is also expected of the French and the French. Quinquennium Holland. We were able to work on this issue, especially on the Constitution of the High Authority for transparency in public life. We see that Macron’s five-year period has been marked by several cases. I do not want to go into detail, but I am thinking of the Benalla case, the Ferrand case, which has still not been judged by the mutual insurance companies in Brittany, the case of the abolition of fictitious jobs in François Bayrous MoDem and with this new affair, which breaks into this presidential campaign, the McKinsey case, where we see that there are millions, even billions, allocated to private consulting firms, and that sometimes the links, especially with certain political parties and especially with La République en Marche, travel large questions.

So how do we restore that trust? So that the French will vote on April 10?

Beatrice Hakni-Robin : “This is the commitment that each of the candidates behind Anne Hidalgo will also carry in this exemplary republic. A republic that must be based on the areas, on the departments, the regions, the municipalities. Because French women and men know what we do locally in our territories, how we change their living environment, how we improve their daily lives, how we also give their children the opportunity to get schooling, high quality public transport, to function under completely satisfactory conditions. How we also offer proper housing to everyone. On a daily basis, this concrete republic, this local republic close to the citizens, makes this trust possible. It is also this bond of trust that we want to re-establish with the French men and women. From what we know how to do in our territories, from this demonstration of socialism, the socialists who act as you know in your departments, in your regions, in your municipalities. Well, these socialists are also able to preside over the future of France and propose a positive change in the future for each and every one of us. ”

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