Near Nancy. Commercial for 15 years, Thibault became … a professional dog sitter

With Thibault Robardey, dogs are kings! (© Amandine Mehl / Lorraine News)

For fifteen years, Thibault Robardey worked as a sales representative in mass distribution. But tired of this environment, he made the choice to turn to his first love, dogs, by launching his micro business Gar’Doggyat Sankt Max near Nancy.

When I left the trading world, I did not know what to do. Then my sister, who had been planning to open a dog bar for a while, asked me, “Why not take training as a dog sitter? It would allow us to offer day care from time to time”. I have always loved animals, so I decided to take the plunge.

Thibault RobardeyDog sitter – Gar’Doggy

Training dedicated to dogs first aid

The machine engaged, Thibault passed the ACACED training (certificate of knowledge for pets of domestic animals). Mandatory training when you want to work with hairballs.

The education obtained, I then set up my micro-business. But before that, I made the choice to pass a course dedicated to first aid for dogs. It is not mandatory, but for me it was very important. You learn a lot there: what to do in case of poisoning, how to apply a splint, apply a bandage … This not only calms me, but it also calms my clients.

Thibault RobardeyDog sitter – Gar’Doggy

Thibault wanted to take his marks slowly, starting Gar’Doggyen by holding only one dog at a time. For the important thing for him was to learn on earth.

In the beginning, I kept my family members ‘or friends’ dogs to practice my hand. When I then had my first clients, I only took one dog at a time. Today, for day care, I can take up to five hairballs.

Thibault RobardeyDog sitter – Gar’Doggy

“I spend 100% of my time with them”

The least we can say is that with Thibault, dogs are kings! During the day they enjoy two long walks of 1h30 – 2h. Not to mention other 25-30 minute walks during the day. Then the fur balls move on to intelligence games. And after the effort, it’s a siesta for everyone! Without forgetting, of course, the long line of caresses.

I spend 100% of my time with my little retirees. There is no doubt in my mind about taking dogs home and leaving to do something else! No way! The important thing for me is really the welfare of the animals. I want them to feel at home. If they are allowed to climb on the couch or sleep in bed at home, they can do the same with me.

Thibault RobardeyDog sitter – Gar’Doggy
With Thibault, fur balls lead a dream life!
With Thibault, fur balls lead a dream life! (© DR)

Several months after the launch of his micro business, Thibault already has loyal customers and many fur balls who like to spend time with him.

When I started, I wondered if it would work because more and more individuals offered to keep animals. The difference is that I have a professional status. I pay insurance and before I take charge of a dog, I sign a contract with the owner. He and I are therefore covered in case anything should happen. This is not the case with individuals who do this to make ends meet.

Thibault RobardeyDog sitter – Gar’Doggy

A real connection

So dog sitting, is it a hard job? According to Thibault, the answer is no. However, there is still a slight drawback.

The only problem is that you quickly become attached to dogs. Especially when stored for several days. Dog grooming is an exciting job. We learn a lot from animals. We reap a hundred times all the love we give them.

Thibault RobardeyDog sitter – Gar’Doggy

And for seeing Thibault at work, Lorraine News can assure that his little residents give him back! The young man really can not take a step without his little flock running up.

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