NEWS | Sérénité Sonore relaunches its classic hammock series

Sérénité Sonores suspended ceiling. (Image: courtesy)

Sound serenitya unique place in Montreal where you can relax while listening to music in comfortable hanging chairs, relaunches its series Classic in hammock in the spring with three concerts.

Sound serenity was conceived and designed by Annabelle Renzo, harpist and entrepreneur. In October 2019, she launched her business by inaugurating her suspended ceiling located on rue Masson in Rosemont.

Less than six months later, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, but far from giving up her project, she doubled her creativity and used that period to develop other projects. This year, the little harp lyricist in the form of crescents, christened, brought to market Lunaas well as Understanda musical awakening tray for children.

We are talking here about instruments that are aimed at the general public, which allows them to integrate music into their lives, without having musical training. The Luna harp can satisfy a neophyte who wants to play without having to learn a technique, as would be the case with a more demanding instrument.

“We had just gone half a year on tour, but I kept rolling,” he says Annabelle Renzo. We already had a prototype instrument, and the pandemic allowed us to develop our collection of musical instruments, which we did not have time for at the same time as presenting the events. We are launching our third instrument this fall, it will be a bell

A month ago, I had the opportunity to experience the Sérénité Sonore experience on the occasion of the launch of the disc Lizotte plays Lizotteharpist and composer Caroline Lizotte, and I must say that I was captivated both by the music and by the feeling of being hovered in the air while listening to it. I recommend it without hesitation!

Melisande McNabney.  (Photo: Pierre-Etienne Bergeron)
Harpsichordist Mélisande McNabney will give the first recital of the Classiques a haac series. (Photo: Pierre-Etienne Bergeron)

Sérénité Sonore Classic Hammock Series Schedule

Mélisande McNabney – Harpsichord in hammock

April 9 at 19.30 in the attic Sérénité Sonore. DETAILS AND TICKETS

This program places great emphasis on unmeasured preludes, a favorite genre among French baroque harpsichord players, where the composer gives free play to his imagination, without specifying the rhythm or the note values. These free pieces are accompanied by rhythmic dances with a captivating cadence. We will also hear the famous Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Julie MacLaine – Cello in hammock

May 21 at 19.30 in the attic Sérénité Sonore. DETAILS AND TICKETS

Cellist Julia MacLaine features excerpts from her latest album Préludes. Come and experience the music inspired by Bach: childish with an improvisational character, mysterious and mesmerizing, deep and emotional. And come and rediscover Bach and his iconic works for cello. Folk music and meditative pieces complete the experience of the cello’s impressive range and rich sound.

Rendezvous – Quartom in a hammock

June 4 at 20.00 at the Sérénité Sonore loft. DETAILS AND TICKETS

Date ”is about romantic relationships. The epic and tragic love affair with Handel; the love that is sometimes placed on a pedestal, and which hurts even more when it is no longer, with Certon. The emptiness of beating up with Queen. The various stages of a romantic relationship, with Mozart and the Beatles. Ultra-romantic love with Mendelssohn and Frida Boccara. Indecent love for Poulenc. The serenity that time can bring to a relationship with Les vieux amants de Brel. Finally, fate or coincidence, which largely determines our relationship with Carmina Burana de Orff.

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