Our dog Oria and our cat Souris tested Elmut’s personal recipes. What is their verdict?

To judge the quality and taste of the individualized Elmut recipes, we called on our 2 experts: The Dog Oria and The Cat Souris. 2 fine gourmets with strict and straightforward judgment when it comes to food. What did they think of these fresh meals delivered in France at home, and what did they bring to them?

Oria and Mouse is above all a life companion to the founder of Woopets, but they have in a way become the mascots of Woopets. Our premises have no secrets for them, and as soon as there is a quality product to try, they are there and happy to play the game.

Above all, we regularly try to offer them interesting news in the field of food. We rely on their judgment, which is always without appeal, and on the benefits that we can see in them in the medium and long term.

This time it’s the personal fresh meals Elmut that we wanted to submit to their irreconcilable expert opinions. Oriashe Australian Shepherd, 3 years old, and Mousean 8-year-old allékat, therefore, had the opportunity to discover these formulas that were prepared almost on a case-by-case basis and delivered to your home (convenient!).

Who is Elmut?

Elmutit’s the dream realized by 2 friends, Maxime Cadin and Martial Dargent. They were passionate about animals and had always wanted to offer the best possible food to their 4-legged friends. In other words, a diet that is healthy, fresh, tasty and full of benefits.

They wanted a total break with croquettes with illegible compositions and low protein content. Maxime Cadin and Martial Dargent had started cooking for the dogs around them, then their clientele grew to get them to develop their own kitchen in Charente.

Like thisElmut was born in 2019. The brand has expanded its offering to cats, with as always the constant search for freshness and quality of ingredients.

The concept and the promises

which also defines Elmut, it’s his concept of personal recipes, developed according to the specific needs of each dog and cat. Once formulated according to the criteria set by the owner, meals are delivered free of charge to his home, wherever he is in France.

These are fresh, prepared in Charente cuisine using ingredients made in France, without by-products, additives or preservatives. They are developed by veterinarians and nutritionists and give meat an honor. 60% for dogs and 90% for cats. The recipes therefore respect the carnivorous nature of our cat and dog friends.

Upon discovering all these promises, we were eager to try these recipes Oria and Mouse. So we went to the place Elmut.com to fill out their profiles and complete the order.

We entered their characteristics: weight, age, race, morphology, activity level … Based on these data, the amounts adapted to each of them were calculated.

We then chose the recipes, namely: chicken, turkey and beef. All that was left was to receive the refrigeration packages and wait for the verdict from our very demanding dog and cat.

Have Oria and Souris validated the Elmut recipes?

The regulars of Woopets know for sure already Oria, our little star of 24 kilos. Instead of being active without being overly athletic, unsterilized and in perfect health, she is not the type to play comedy when she likes what she eats.

Same thing on the side Mouse, a cat who appreciates news and variety, but who leaves no room for doubt about the judgment he makes over the contents of his bowl. Either he loves it or he does not know it … We are all the more aware of his diet because he is no longer very young and leads a fairly calm lifestyle. Especially since he is sterilized and slightly overweight.

For both, of course, we have respected the need to adhere to a food transition period by gradually integrating the proportion of the new food. Besides, Elmut provides a 14-day trial to help owners preserve their peers’ body and digestion.

The attitudes ofOria and of Mouse during the meals clearly showed their satisfaction. We could quickly see that they appreciated the taste, smell and consistency as everyone emptied their bowl at high speed.

The first part of the test was therefore crucial, but we had to wait several weeks before deciding on the second. In this case, it was a matter of observing the effect of meals Elmut about the health, shape and appearance of our duo of 4-legged friends.

After fourteen days we could note a real change in terms of vitality in Oria and Mouse. They were certainly far from being “turned off” before moving on to meals Elmutbut they have noticeably gained energy and enthusiasm since then.

We have also seen a marked improvement in the appearance of their fur, which has become even softer and more silky soft. Also with regard to Mousewhich needs a little pressure to drink, we could only be content to see him switch to such a diet that ensures better hydration. Elmut promised 70% water in his recipes to bring them closer to the water content that characterizes the cat’s natural prey, and we were not disappointed at this point either. This is enough to assure us of kidney health Mouse.

For us, the experience is Elmut is a total success. Oria and Mouse are totally won and we feel that these personal recipes rich in quality nutrients are beneficial to them. For them, it is also a big YES!

We can only invite you to try the meals Elmut for your companions. To do this, go to the website Elmut.com.

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