“Rebound, living with disability”, the new podcast from “Le Monde”

There is the one we are born with; the one that happens after an accident or an illness; that which concerns us directly, or which affects a loved one. Disability shares the life of every fifth Frenchman. It can disrupt everyday life, family, work, schooling but also create opportunities and allow meetings. So how do you live with a disability? From March 29, every Tuesday, personalities confide in “Rebond”, the new podcast from Worldin collaboration with Agefiph, posted on Le Monde.fr and on all listening platforms.

TUESDAY, MARCH 29: Dominique Farrugia (1/10)

It is a hyperactive valve. With the troupe Les Nuls, at the head of the Comédie! Channel, at the head of Canal +, producer of singles on stage and film director … humor is his trademark. And it is not sclerosis that should change anything. For thirty years, Dominique Farrugia has lived with this disease, as have hundreds of thousands of people in France. An unseen evil that goes wrong in his body and ended up having his legs. But not his energy. He tells it in She never left me(Robert Laffont, 2021), a confession book about the disease but also a very nice spotlight on his career.

TUESDAY, APRIL 5: Laëtitia Milot (2/10)

She is one of the French actresses’ favorite actresses since she played the role of Mélanie Rinato, waitress at the Mistral bar in the TV soap opera more beautiful life (France 3). heroine of Clear-eyed revenge or evenOlivia on TF1, it has marked its presence in TV series and phone movies for more than twenty years. Multi-caps, Laëtitia Milot is also an actress, host, model, author and does not hesitate to participate in “Fort Boyard” and “Dance with the stars”. But she is also a committed woman. She is especially the godmother of EndoFrance, the French association for the fight against endometriosis, an extremely painful disease that she has suffered from for about two decades. She testifies in the documentary, Becoming a mother: our fight against endometriosisby Laëtitia Milot and Juliette Brasseur (2018, 82 min.), or in her book Baby, when is it? (Michel Lafon, 2016).

TUESDAY 12 APRIL: Fabrice Chanut (3/10)

In front of his camera, a wheelchair, a limping leg or a short stature walks almost unnoticed. With humor and a lot of mockery, screenwriter Fabrique Chanut outlines everyday life for heroes who are damaged but not put aside. In the series “Cloakrooms”, which he has imagined and produced for eleven years, he follows a group of disabled swimmers and leads the public in their delirium, with actors with disabilities who are regularly accompanied by famous personalities. A way to handle disability differently in prime time.

TUESDAY, APRIL 19: Sophie Cluzel (4/10)

As a graduate business school, she led her career at a rapid pace, going from piloting a shipyard in the United States to developing a linen brand in France. So overnight, the businesswoman, who is already the mother of three young children, stops dead in her career when her little Julia, who has Down syndrome, is born. For three years, Sophie Cluzel, Minister of the Macron Government, devoted herself exclusively to the education of the youngest child. Very quickly, her commitment extended beyond the confines of the family: she founded associations specializing in the disabled, took on functions in several structures, and went so far as to organize the first Grenelle for the integration of young disabled people into the community. In 2017, she became State Secretary for People with Disabilities for the Prime Minister. Five years of political commitment and an Legion of Honor later, she publishes The strength of differences: changing the way we look at disability (Lattes, 2022).

TUESDAY, APRIL 26: Grégory Cuilleron (5/10)

Hands-on life (Albin Michel, 2020). Pleine main in the singular is the title of the work of this cook, who, although equipped with only one hand, is able to be in the oven and on the mill. Restaurant management, consulting, conferences, television, he is everywhere. The general public discovered him on the M6 ​​in “An almost perfect dinner” in 2008, then in “Top Chef” in 2010, in “My invitation to eat”, by Cyril Lignac, or even on France 5 in “La Tournée des meals” . He was a dedicated chef and succeeded Djamel Debbouze for eight years as an ambassador for Agefiph, the fund management association for the integration of the disabled. He has kept a sense of commitment rooted in the body and always intervenes in companies to talk about disability and advocate for a better cohabitation.

TUESDAY, MAY 3: Marie-Amélie Le Fur (6/10)

Race. It is a need that has never left him. Running on a track; chasing medals. Gold Silver. And the color of his trophies reflects his will and his niac. A will that allowed him to hold on. As a 16-year-old, Marie-Amélie Le Fur fell off a scooter. She pulls through, her legs do not. But the athlete does not give up. Four months later she is back. Different but still just as motivated. Today, the sportswoman has become chairman of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee and in turn helps athletes with disabilities.

TUESDAY MAY 10: Christophe Fluder (7/10)

He’s on stage, behind the scenes, on your radio. Playing and making people laugh is his hobby. One meter and twenty-three centimeters of humor and scorn. For yes, comedian and actor Christophe Fluder is not very tall, “small in stature” they say. And by this difference he is tired. From “Grand journal” to “Groland”, via the series “Cloakrooms”, “Do not do this, do not do that” or films such as Harry Potter Where Chocolate… he played his stature in more than a dozen feature films, as many series and short films. And he multiplies the experiments, in radio recently, with a chronicle of Rire et Chansons.

TUESDAY 17 MAY: Lætitia Bernard (8/10)

When she gets up in the morning, the city is still asleep, but her voice wakes France Inter listeners every weekend. Crush the sports news with this talent that would make you follow any competition. In the four corners of the world, she has made us experience the Paralympic Games in London, Sochi, Rio and Pyeongchang. Deprived of eyes at birth, journalist and rider Lætitia Bernard has made her voice a guide. For his listeners, but also for those who accompany him in the competition: the horses. From an early age she has had a passion for riding. A sport that made her climb up on the podiums and become seven times disabled champion in show jumping on horseback. A journey that she tells in a book, My life is a team sport (Stock, 2021).

TUESDAY 24 MAY: Didier Roche (9/10)

He is what is called a “serial entrepreneur”. Since he was 23, he has never stopped imagining concepts and launching companies. Thirty years later, the track record is impressive: more than twenty private or associative structures have emerged. They all have one thing in common: to serve people with disabilities to promote their integration. Among these structures, restaurants and spas Dans le noir. This serial entrepreneur is Didier Roche and his battle is crucial. For the painting is not glorious. Unemployment for the disabled in France is 14%, compared to 8% for those who are not. And employment is the first area where this discrimination occurs. The blind entrepreneur knows this better than anyone else.

TUESDAY MAY 31: Charles Gardou (10/10)

It gives its place to fragility, to human diversity. To those who are not in the norm. As a mouthpiece for those who do not take it. Charles Gardou is an anthropologist. He studies man. That from yesterday and today. And he dedicates his life to asking us about our relationship to disability. Through fifteen books, he has questioned, deciphered, analyzed a society that makes ordinary differences extraordinary. A society where these differences are still seen on the edge, as limitations.

“Rebound, living with disability”, a podcast produced by The worldin cooperation with Agefiphwritten, hosted and co-produced by Joséfa Lopez and Isabelle Hennebelle for The world. Instruction: Eyeshot. Graphic identity: Kenza Mezouar, Mélina Zerbib. Partnership: Sonia Jouneau, Victoire Bounine.

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