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M6 broadcasts this Tuesday night “She saved me”, an unpublished fiction that returns to the stories of Laura Rapp and Julie Douib, who were both victims of domestic violence.

Jean-Michel CLAJOT / M6

M6 offers this Tuesday, March 29 from kl. 21.10 a special evening dedicated to domestic violence, which opens on the show She saved me, a device that tells the true story of Julie Douib and Laura Rapp, two women who are victims of domestic violence.

Directed by Ionut Teianu, who is also the screenwriter with Jean-Marie Goix, this 90-minute TV movie carried by Juliette Roudet, Laura Sepul and Lio looks back at the struggle between these two women, who will do anything to leave the grip of their violent husbands.

Threatened and beaten by her ex-husband, Julie Douib, 34, mother of two young boys, went many times to lodge a complaint and repeated to anyone who would hear that he would kill her. On March 3, 2019, she was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend, which became the 30th homicide recorded that year.

This tragic death will provoke a wave of indignation across the country and lead to the creation of Grenelle against domestic violence.

For her part, after several years of domestic violence, Laura Rapp finally finds the courage to lodge a complaint against her husband after he tried to strangle her, in front of their daughter, on the night of April 16-17, 2018.

But after a year in custody for attempted murder, he was released pending trial and placed under judicial review, which he violated several times. Concerned about her and her daughter’s lives and faced with the inactivity of justice, she will have no choice but to launch an SOS on Twitter.

It is Julie’s fate that died a few weeks earlier that is forcing her to act and become aware of the risks she is running.

A fiction to save lives

Crowned with the Audience Award at the 23rd Luchon Festival on February 11, 2022, She Saved Me is a necessary fiction that will not leave anyone indifferent, as it tells with accuracy and sobriety the story of these two women in a society where 113 more women died during their men’s battle in 2021.

For Lucien Douib, Julie’s father, and Laura Rapp, She Saved Me is a difficult film to watch, but it’s essential to creating awareness for future generations. “I hope it will make things happen and save lives, ”Laura Rapp explained during a press briefing. “The most important thing for me is that this movie can save at least one life.

A feeling shared by Lucien Douib, who hopes she saved me, will give women the courage to file a complaint. “Julie had the courage to do what it cost her her life. But now he is at least in jail (ex-partner of Julie Douib was sentenced to life in prison with a security period of 22 years, editorial note) and I hope he never hurt anyone again”.

A demanding role

To camp Laura called M6 to Juliette Roudet, who had the heavy responsibility of carrying her story. For the actress, who is especially seen in Profiling, she saves me the opportunity to highlight the difficult battle between female victims of domestic violence through these two fates.

When I made this movie, I went through a little bit of what Laura, Julie and so many other women have been through“, they confided.”I was protected, I had elbow pads, knee pads, leg pads. I was protected because that was not the reality. “

It’s fiction. And when the feelings were too strong and I felt overwhelmed, I could tell myself it was too false when it’s things that really happen to some women. “

Juliette Roudet also made the choice not to meet Laura before the start of filming. “I was afraid, for the sake of honesty and responsibility, of having to hold on to who she is. With Ionut (Teianu, the director)we thought it would be more interesting to build Laura according to what resonated with me, to really make her a fictional character.

The most important thing was to pass on his story and his struggle.“A choice felt as the interpretation of Juliette Roudet is full of accuracy, despite the harshness of the subject.

She saved me airs this Tuesday night from 9:10 pm on the M6. The fiction is followed at 23.05 by a program presented by Nathalie Renoux, where she receives the main characters of the story. Then, from 23.25, the channel will broadcast two documentaries, which return to the fate of Laura Rapp and Julie Douib.

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