Sylvain Cossette is fulfilled by her role as grandfather

For fifteen years, Sylvain Cossette has chosen to present themed shows in which he performs with big hits. This spring he is back on the road with Sylvain Cossette Livea kind of best of of all the music styles he likes. The singer has also become a grandfather recently and he is very proud of his little Billy.

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If there’s one thing that makes Sylvain Cossette happy, it is also to make the people who come to see him perform happy. And considering the number of tickets sold for the trip Sylvain Cossette Live, he has a lot to be proud of. “When you launch a new project, you never know if people will still be there and if they will continue to follow us. We are very happy to go on a trip again; that’s what we like to do. I’m with a great gang, the best I’ve had since the start of my career. Members of the public participate actively, even though they are still masked. We hear them laughing, singing and clapping their hands. They are really happy. ”

This new show could have been called In the world of Sylvain Cossette if the title had not already been taken by a Radio Canada program. “All the songs I do matter to me. They remind me of moments that I have lived since I started this job. The 1970s, when I was learning music, the Beatles, who trained my ear, the 1980s, which made it possible for me to become a performer on stage … It’s a trip review with everything I’ve heard and everyone I’ve met over the years. ”

The singer admits that with his shows he enjoys himself as much as the people who come to see him. “There are classics from the 1970s and 1980s, songs from my own repertoire, pieces from the Beatles and a whole bunch of surprises. People have been used to my productions for several years. My musicians are also used to following me. I try to surprise the audience at every show. ”

Photo: Bruno Petrozza

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Sylvain Cossette seems to have found the right formula to get the crowds running in the cinemas. “There are artists who just want to please the public, others who just want to please themselves, and others who want to be different and have a different kind of audience. Me, the day I found out who my audience was and what they expected of me, I completely went out. I like to sing other people’s songs. I have been making covers for years, in the same way that opera singers sing songs that have been written for centuries. They like to do great things, just like me. ”

Moreover, he can still reach the harder tones with the same virtuosity as at the beginning of his career. “I’m lucky: my voice stays the same over time. It’s pretty natural. On the other hand, I had surgery on my vocal cords in the 1980s. I could have lost my voice because I overworked myself and reached my limits, but my body brought me back to order.Today I am careful and I work a lot.I see myself as a warrior.I go ahead every time I go on stage.I go completely out no matter what even if I have a cold or have a sore throat.”

Tour dates Sylvain Cossette Live stop next December, but further is already being prepared for 2023.

Sylvain Cossette and his lover, Andrée Watters, left town to live in the countryside about two years ago. “It’s the best choice we’ve made in a long time. We’re 1 hour and 30 minutes from Quebec and 1 hour and 40 minutes from Montreal. Here the air is cleaner, you can see far, you have a permanent view of the river. And when we need a change of country we are close to everything.One morning we can easily decide to go to Montreal to see my daughters.

In a recent section of true nature, we were able to discover that the singer was an early resurrector, an unknown aspect of his personality. “I’ve always been an early standing person, even when I was playing in bars. I went to bed at 4 and got up at 8 or 9. Today I sleep more: I sometimes sleep for six or seven hours. I am too able to take a short nap in about twenty minutes; my boyfriend introduced me to this. But I do not need sleep anymore. I like to think that I will not spend half my life sleeping .

Photo: Valerie Blum

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On January 9, Sylvain Cossette became a grandfather for the first time. His daughter Beth gave birth to little Billy, who makes him very proud. “It’s really fun! I knew my two daughters would have children one day. What I like best is seeing my daughter as a mother, and her boyfriend too, who is a good father. I was very present for my daughters; I was there for them all the time. The relationship I have with them is worth gold. I now see that Beth is a good mother. The baby is super calm. He is beautiful, strong and healthy. Just as much as I wished the best for my children, I hope the same for little Billy.One thing is for sure, this little one will not lack love.

And the grandfather never misses an opportunity to take advantage of it. “Before the start of the tour, we took the opportunity to spend time with Billy. I held him in my arms, I rocked him, I played with him … He went from my arms to Andrées. The funny thing is, I can watch it whenever I want.

Personal collection

Sylvain Cossette no longer wants to release original songs to be successful on the radio, but he has not given up creation. “I recently made a song for the second season of How I love you (currently available on Something absurd happens in the series, and François Létourneau had written a text for a country song. The director, Jean-François Rivard, asked me to make the music for this text, and I sing the song in the series.

On a daily basis, the singer continues to write lyrics, but more with a personal purpose. “Releasing records with original songs and hoping to get on the radio is a process that I have put on hold. My desire to create is not associated with success. It’s not part of my life right now, but I’m still doing it for fun. ”

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